This past Sunday’s Online Campus service was the best yet. It’s easy for me to say that every week since this was our seventh service. Still, I thought it was.

The Online Campus Team and myself prayed with five people during the service. We have a prayer room available during the services for people to go to if they want prayer. Online it is instantaneous, private prayer with someone. People were wanting to talk, and pray, with someone after hearing Marc and Sharon Montanye’s story.

These times of prayer with people, online, can sometimes last up to twenty minutes. After the service, we had two more prayer requests come in via email. I’m grateful that we are building up trust with people they are wanting to talk to us. For some, it may be easier to open up to someone and ask for prayer in an online format.

One of the volunteers, Stephanie, was serving from a local Scooter’s Coffeehouse. First of all, I love the fact that Online Campus volunteers can serve from literally anywhere in the world. I had talked about this in the past with the team. While I will be at one of the campuses serving, it’s great if you are out in the community serving. We’re a visible presence. So, Stephanie is one of our chat hosts and she’s helping out with that during the service. Some other customers come up to her and ask what she’s watching, and she tells them about the Online Campus and invites them to watch with her. They pull up some chairs and watch the service for a bit with her. Very cool.

After the service, someone came and introduced herself to me. She is a grad student, but new to the area. She visited the Online Campus the previous Sunday. We connected then and had messaged throughout the week. Now she was visiting our Old Mill Campus and she enjoyed the service. She wants to attend Christ Community Church regularly. Awesome.

The chat room conversation was wonderful as always. People sharing their own stories, encouraging one another, asking and answering questions, having fun, and more. It’s a community that is taking shape.

Every week, we are seeing people being served in and through the Online Campus. People are getting connected, learning more about Jesus, and finding a safe community.

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