Somewhere along the way, I became conscientious about recycling. I’m not sure how or when it happened, but all I know is last week I came home with four empty plastic bottles so I could recycle them.* An example of how it’s ingrained within me. These bottles are usually bottles of water I get throughout the day, at work or a coffee shop. I don’t throw them away now, I bring them home to recycle.

*Safe to say this is due to Jana.

Being outside the Omaha city limits, we pay for our trash service. With this, we also pay for recycling services. The four companies we have used for recycling have never been able to recycle glass.* So, glass recyclables have piled up in our garage. Once a year we manage to drive them to a glass recycling place in town. However, the glass piles up quickly, and it takes over a shelf in our garage.

*I should add that we switched service to another company, and then they were bought out by another company. Then, that company was bought out by another company. I’ve lost track.

Jana and I haven’t had much success with our trash service for one reason or another. This time around, the price just seemed to creep up every quarter we paid our bill. We talked it through and decided to check out some other options. Jana talked to Papillion Sanitation, and their pitch was as solid as everyone else’s. One difference, they recycle glass. We made the switch right away.

Now we pay 40% less a quarter, and can recycle all our glass products. I was going to take a picture of our glass recyclables we currently have, but it’s already in the recycling bin. A good thing. Pay less and recycle more. In the words of Michael Scott, “A win-win-win.”

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