“My family needs prayer please…”

We are six services into the life of the Online Campus. Numbers are trending up with attendance, and people are enthusiastic about the Online Campus after experiencing it. More importantly, through the Online Campus people are finding hope. They are drawing closer to Jesus. They are finding community. They are getting help with needs they have, whether it be mental, physical, emotional or spiritual needs.

This past Sunday, I received a prayer request during the service that started out, “My family needs prayer please…” The individual sharing poured their heart out in sharing the difficulties of life they are facing as a parent. It was heart-breaking to read the prayer request, but I was also grateful I could respond and help this individual. We exchanged messages throughout the afternoon, and I was able to get them connected with the right people at Christ Community Church.

The Online Campus is in its infancy, but I’m overwhelmed at how God is ministering to people through an online format. Again, I don’t pretend to understand everything with online church, or have all the answers, but people are being ministered to through it. People are hearing the gospel. That’s a good thing.

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