“You are the only confessed Christian I have ever shared that with”

We are three services into the life of the Online Campus. It’s hard to draw too many conclusions from such a small sample size. Still, it’s been worthwhile.

When pitching the concept of online church I could often get people to agree with the concept. I was the evangelist for it. Still, would this thing actually work? To experience the reality of it has been amazing. To see lives changed through it has been humbling and induced a sense of awe.

This past Sunday we had communion online. (I’m sure for some people out there that sounds heretical and they want the “Doctrine Police” to arrest me.) It was a fun moment. Afterward, I was telling people that if they wanted prayer that I was available to chat with them. Someone requested prayer.

I didn’t know who the individual was I speaking to, but that didn’t matter. For over twenty minutes we talked. I listened to them share their story. They were cagey at first about a sin issue they wanted prayer for, but I felt prompted to ask them to name whatever it was they were struggling with so I could pray for it specifically. I shared a bit of my own story, sharing how I’m a former addict, so they’d know it would be safe to share.

They slowly opened up, but soon the words started to pour out.

They finished, and then remarked how they had never shared that with a Christian. I began to pray for them, while typing in my prayer. It took awhile to type it out, and it was in five parts, but it meant the world to them that someone would love and support them. They were not shamed, they were embraced.

They said they were crying and were incredibly grateful for the conversation and prayer. They shackles of sin and shame were being thrown asunder from their life.

We talked some more, and discussed Christ Community Church’s Tuesday night Renewal Groups. They lived in the Omaha area, and were already familiar with the groups, so they would be able to attend and continue the recovery process. I let them know the Renewal Group leaders are fantastic people and can be trusted. There is more relief on their end.

Our chat ends with pleasantries, and I tell them I’ll continue to pray for them.

This morning, I get a message from one of the Renewal Group leaders informing me the person I prayed with online showed up to group.

Lives changed. That is one of the goals with the Online Campus. While people talk about the coolness of having church online, and the other tech/social aspects with it, it’s about helping people out. Being Jesus to a world that is in need.

For this individual I prayed and talked with, the Online Campus met their needs and showed them the life and love of Jesus in a real way.

Thank you, God. Amen.

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