Almost all my clothes fit in one-fourth of my closet space.
Another week, another round of getting rid of clothes. What’s happened is the space I have in the closet, and dresser, have opened up immeasurably. I’ve gotten rid of some hangars as well, because they are just there taking up space.
An interesting thing with this latest round of clothes was what I kept. There were two shirts I had pulled, but I ended up keeping them. One was a shirt Jana liked on me, and another was an old Red Sox baseball jersey I have. The boys like wearing the jersey from time to time. They’ll go into my closet, take it off the hangar, put it on and run around wildly. It’s why in the picture above it is still on the bottom rack.
With the available space in the closet, Jana has started to put some of her things there. Where my jeans and pants use to be, you can now find some of her clothes.
I was teasing Jana about this, but I inadvertently offended her. I apologized, and she forgave me. It did bring to mind that I need to be careful about not getting prideful about this project. I should not think I have some sense of moral superiority because of this minimalism course I’m on currently. I think we should be more resourceful. I think many of us should declutter and simplify our lives for a variety of reasons. Still, that doesn’t mean I should live with an arrogant mindset. I don’t think I have been, but I don’t want to develop that either. I’ve encountered individuals who have that with whatever socially conscious choices they make. It turns me off from them, and their socially conscious choice they are trying to draw attention to.
I hope their is passion coming through, but not pride, when it comes to The RID Project.
For more about The RID Project, click here. To read previous updates, click here.

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