In recent days I’ve realized that my mind is so focused on the Online Campus launch, that I’m losing track of things. Sometimes it’s comical, while other times I go into panic mode.

A funny thing happened on Tuesday. We are a one car family. Jana had a meeting at the church that morning, so I drove her and the boys into work. Near midday, Micah Yost asked if I wanted to go to lunch with him. I said yes because I needed to meet with him anyway regarding the Online Campus. I texted Jana and told her she could drive home, and that I’d find a way home later. Jana is fine with this, and I head to lunch. At lunch, I get a text from Jana asking if I left the car keys in my office. No, I have them on me.

Thankfully, Jana and the boys are patient, and since my meeting was at Chick-Fil-A I bring them back lunch. They eat lunch at the church, and then I drive them home. I drop them off and come right back to church since I have meetings all afternoon.

As the last meeting is going long, and I’m sitting there, I text Micah in the meeting. I ask him if he can give me a ride home since he lives near me. He says he can. Meeting ends, and we head out. I text Jana to let her know that I’m getting a ride home. She texts back, “Huh?” That’s right. She didn’t drive home during lunch because I had the car keys. I drove her home, but then drove back to the church. I had forgotten this since before I had told her to just drive home.

So, I tell Micah that I’m an idiot and ask him to take me back to the church since that is where my car is. He laughs, and circles back to the church so I can get my car.

Unfortunately, this isn’t abnormal lately. I’ve been spacing other things as well. This morning, Jana informed me that her get together she schedule with some friends was being cancelled. This is good because I had forgotten about that get together, which she did tell me about and was on my calendar, and had planned to work late to do a test run-through of the Online Campus. Who did I think would be watching the kids? No idea.

I’m running from project to project, task to task. I seem to be in a reactionary mode to whatever is coming up with the launch approaching quickly. Every day seems to bring its own set of issues to deal with immediately.

Of course, the best/worst was with a video I shot. Recently, I was in three different videos that were related to the Online Campus. We made some changes on the fly with one of them, so when we filmed it I hadn’t thought through the script entirely. Big mistake.

Near the begging of the video I reference a passage from the Book of Acts. I threw in, during the filming, that the Apostle Paul wrote a particular passage from it. But this is wrong. Big time. It’s Luke who is traditionally said to be the author of the Book of Acts. I know this. Why I didn’t realize this at the time I have no idea. No matter. I didn’t catch it, for whatever reason, till after I saw the finished video.

I was at a local Scooter’s Coffeehouse when I watch the finished piece and realized my gaffe. I start to panic a bit, but try to remain cool since I’m out in public. I tell myself it’s going to be okay, that I need to be calm. I said this, even though I was simultaneously envisioning critics bashing me for being an idiot with a basic piece of Bible knowledge, and then linking it to the Online Campus and bashing that as well.

I texted Jordan Green, who shot the piece. I told him of my predicament and asked if we could edit the phrase out. Thankfully, he said he could do it. Whew. I will not be burned at the stake any time soon. 😉

A lot on the mind. Thankfully, nothing has blown up in my face…yet! Let’s hope it stays that way.

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