I haven’t blogged in awhile, and now I have some time to do some blogging. What comes forth? “…”

I’m sure it’s like riding a bike, or like that scene from Finding Forrester where Sean Connery’s character, William Forrester, implores Jamal Wallace to just start writing. (This is happening when Connery isn’t saying, “You’re the man now, dog.”)

I don’t want my blog to turn into a series of posts where it’s, “Oh, I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in forever!” I hate those blogs. They have like five to seven posts, and two-thirds of them are about how they need to blog more.

And here I am doing what I despise.

It’s not that simple. There are any number of topics to write on, and as I sit down to write an ode to a community my mind is flooded with thoughts about another post I want to write. Then, I think about the latest “The RID Project” post I need to get online. And, shouldn’t I be documenting the coming launch of the Online Campus this Sunday? Because it’s…THIS SUNDAY!

I feel like I’ve gone silent, but I think it’s been necessary.

I’m trying to launch this Online Campus from almost nothing. I thought it’d be fun to document the process, but I haven’t had time. All the dirty work has to be done, and if it doesn’t get done the Online Campus doesn’t launch.

I’m also making sure I don’t sacrifice my family in the process. I’ve wanted to make sure I establish a good routine and schedule while launching the Online Campus. Yes, it’s busy, and my family understands that. They shouldn’t be neglected, though. They are a priority above the Online Campus. So what gets neglected? Blogging, writing, social media, conversations, etc.

What’s also put a crimp in things has been the holidays and being sick. I was sick with a cold three weeks ago, and I’m struggling with a sore throat and congestion again. I need rest over writing.

Perhaps this is my post to help kickstart things, to get me back in the mindset of writing. Hopefully after the Online Campus launches this Sunday it’ll settle down, and I’ll get a routine going where I can start writing like I use to.

I hope.

If not, consider this my first in a series of posts where all I will blog about is how I need to blog more.

(I hope not.)

2 thoughts on “Wait, How Do I Do This Again?

  1. I tend to be guilty of writing those “I need to do X more” posts as well, whether it be blogging, journaling, or any facet of social media. What I've been finding out more lately is that a lot of those things can take over your time in such a big way. How much of the time we use to network is cutting into our face to face interactions with friends and family? I know I waste a lot of time with getting lost in that world, and am personally working on just stepping away a bit more, and not feeling guilty for taking a break from networking. So don't feel bad about neglecting it, it probably just means you have a life!


  2. Thanks Addie! Appreciate your comments. (And, for the suggestion that I have a life!) It has been really busy lately, busy with good stuff, which is why I haven't written much.

    I think part of it for me is I love to write. When I get out of it for awhile it becomes more difficult for me to get back into it.

    So true about taking breaks. I also try and take breaks from social media, networking and more. I don't want that to become an addiction.

    Thanks for reading! Hope you are doing well.


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