No more pants means no more use for the hangers.

Pants, who needs them?! Obviously I’m not going to get rid of all my pairs of pants! However, I don’t need all the pairs I have.

Since adopting a minimalism lifestyle, I’ve come across other minimalists that challenge me with their lives. They live on less than 100 things, limit themselves to 15 things, or wear one dress every day for an entire year. I’m challenged and inspired. I don’t think I can do what they do, not yet anyway, but I can reduce the amount of stuff I own.

Since starting The RID Project, my clothing has taken a huge hit. And you know what? I haven’t noticed. Why did I have so many clothes? I’m not certain, but an experience from the seventh grade sticks out.

Junior High is an awkward time, and I think that’s being nice. You’re aware of everyone’s thoughts and words about you. Any kind of slight about you can send you into a temporary depressive state.

I had a t-shirt that I liked to wear. It was a Santa Monica Airlines shirt, a skateboard company. One week, I wore this shirt on a Monday, but I wanted to wear it again. I washed it, and pulled it out later that week on a Thursday to wear again. I didn’t think anyone would notice. I was wrong. In French class, a girl made fun of me for wearing a shirt twice in one week and wondering if I had enough clothes.

I tried to not let it get to me, but I wanted to hide.

I didn’t wear that shirt much again, but I made sure I had plenty of clothes as to not be made fun of again.

Fast forward twenty-plus years. I have clothes that sit idle in my closet or dresser. I don’t wear them, but they are there just in case. Especially t-shirts. I’ve already rid myself of over thirty t-shirts, and more are going.

But what about pants?

I only wear two pairs of jeans consistently. I have a pair of khakis I wear from time to time. I have a pair of pants that go with a suit. That’s it. Why do I have all the other pairs of pants? Because…just because.

I got rid of all the other extra pairs of pants. Jeans, dress pants, and everything else. Two pairs of dress pants had dust on them. When I pulled them out of the closet I couldn’t recall ever wearing them, nor could I remember how I acquired them.

I did keep one pair of jeans for work clothes. Even that seems a bit ridiculous, but it’s there for now.

My closet is a bit more barren. Hangers hang empty.

When this is all said and done I’ll be curious to see how many articles of clothing I’ll still own. I’ve rid myself of a lot of clothes, and I don’t miss anything yet. What can I get down to? Who knows? I know I won’t care about someone’s remark about my lack of clothing options this time around.

For an explanation of The RID Project, click here. To read previous updates, click here.

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