Less than two weeks till the launch of the Online Campus. Is everything ready? Hardly, but we are getting there. It’s going to be fun final two weeks.

This past week I spent a majority of my time working on a number of videos related to the Online Campus. Because of my schedule already, recovering from being sick, and watching the boys while Jana was out of town, it was a fast and furious couple of shoots.

Video shoot #1 / January 16 / “My Story”

Sharing my story, and the story of the Online Campus. photo by Jordan Johnson

This first video was a mix of context, and story, about me and how the Online Campus came to be. It would be posted online. I came up with the idea from a video Mars Hill did where Mark Driscoll shared a bit of his own story and how Mars Hill came to be. I really liked it, so I tried to emulate the concept and put our own spin on it. We shot it in Dundee, the neighborhood I grew up in, as a kid, in Omaha, NE.

The tough thing was not having much time to edit and storyboard it. As I’ve talked about, I’m doing a bit of everything right now. My schedule has never been more efficient, and never been more busy. The time I’d normally have to work on a project like this I didn’t have.

I had met with Jordan Green Productions prior to the shoot to discuss the concept, but when the day came to shoot it we realized we needed some more time to tweak it. We both liked what we had, but we wanted it to be better.

Nevertheless, on a cold Monday afternoon, we (Jordan Green, Vivian Kvam, and Jordan Johnson) shot the video. Originally we were to shoot it the previous Friday, but I didn’t have much of a voice from the cold I had. Three days later, I still wasn’t feeling well, and my voice wasn’t great, but we were running out of time to shoot this thing.

The above picture doesn’t do it justice. With the windchill, the temperature was in the low 20’s for most of the afternoon. We took one break so we could warm up a bit in our cars. The Chuck Taylors I was wearing? They aided in my feet becoming numb. In between takes I would put my hood up over my head to try and retain some warmth.

After we finished shooting, we stopped for another break. Jordan Green went and got some hot chocolate at a local gas station, which we all thought was some of the best hot chocolate ever. We talked about shooting some more b roll later that night.

That night I went to Jordan Green Productions studio, and for the next three and a half hours we hashed out a plan. We were going to scrap the original concept, use the footage as just a piece on my story, come up with a script for a new video that answers the “why” about online church and plan another shoot. Somehow, we managed to do all that.

Video Shoot #2 / January 20 / “Online Campus Welcome”

Getting ready to film in the Access venue at CCC Old Mill. photo by Jordan Green productions

For five hours on Friday, we filmed around Christ Community Church with me answering the question of, “Why online church?” I used Acts 2:42 as a basis for the concept, which is an idea CCC Elder Ken Dick has discussed at length when it comes to the Online Campus. I wanted to explain while the methods of online church may look different, at the core it is still the same. The video will be posted online at the Online Campus pages.

My voice was a lot better than on Monday. Plus, we weren’t freezing outside. In between shots, I managed to handle a pastoral situation with someone who walked-in. A fun and full day.

At the end of shooting, Jordan Green and I were pleased with the day’s developments. He and his team have to do a fast turnaround with the editing, but it’ll happen. Me being sick and having to cancel our first planned shoot threw everything into disarray, but we managed.

Video Shoot #3 / January 22 / “Introduction”

Shooting the Online Campus Introduction video. photo by Jordan Johnson 

The third video is an introduction to the Online Campus for people at CCC. It will be played during the February 5 services and will let people know about the Online Campus officially launching that day.

The video will also show a bit of how the Online Campus works. The video will play in the video frame on the Online Campus streaming page. While it plays, we’ll show off different aspects of the page as I talk about them.

I was asked if I could come up with this video, but delegated much of the work to my friend Jordan Johnson. I had little to do with this piece. Jordan came up with the script, shot the piece and is currently editing it. With everything going on in life (busyness, sickness and temporary single parenthood), it was nice to be able to have Jordan run with this and not worry about it at all.

Three video shoots, for three different videos, in seven days. Whew! Thanks to Jordan Green Productions and Jordan Johnson for their help!

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