A t-shirt I’ve had since high school.

Before this post starts, some context. A clip from my favorite episode of Seinfeld.

Some t-shirts last longer than they should. And even when they should be retired, we hold onto them because they have lasted so long. They take on sentimental value.

One of my t-shirts I have had since high school. I can’t recall when I got it, it was a nondescript t-shirt I received as a gift. Still, I kept wearing it over and over. When in doubt, I went with wearing it. It was so comfortable that I would wear it during the fall and winter seasons under sweaters and hoodies. It didn’t have a nickname like “Golden Boy”. It was just the shirt I wore no matter what.

Over the years, it has worn thin and holes started to appear along the seams. I started wearing white undershirts under it. One time, I wore this combination to Baker’s, a local grocery store, to do some shopping with Jana. Jana was almost apoplectic over me wearing a t-shirt, out in public, with holes in it. I didn’t see what the big deal was, especially since I’m only getting groceries at Baker’s. The next day we went to church, and the guy that was leading the music portion of the service had on jeans with massive holes in them. I was sure to point that out to Jana, and our argument continued.

Since those events over five years ago, whenever I pull out this t-shirt to wear, I can count on Jana for an eyeroll and/or a comment. Sometimes, I purposely pull out the shirt just to get that reaction. One time, we were going somewhere and I wore it because I knew pictures would be taken. She didn’t pick up on it till later when she asked, “Did you wear that shirt just because you KNEW there would be a camera there?” What, me?

It’s been fun, but there is also reality. The more I wear it, the more it falls apart. (The above picture doesn’t do it justice.) The last time I pulled it out I could practically see through the front of it because it has worn so thin. Holes continue to appear. The lettering and graphics are starting to fade. I only wear it now around the house or to get a reaction out of Jana.

It’s time to retire the shirt.

Ordinarily I’d just trash the shirt, but I’ll let Jana decide what to do with it since it has been a thorn in her side for a number of years now. 😉

So long, “Golden Boy”. 😦

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