Where is the spice?!

I’ll be doubling up with RID Project posts, this week, since I missed last week. Today, it’s a look back at Christmas.

As Jana and I get rid of stuff, we find more stuff to get rid of. Part of the fun has been identifying things that we can give to people they would enjoy more than us. Especially since most of the items we give to them have been gathering dust in our cellar. During the Christmas season, we were able to give gifts to people that were items we were planning to get  rid of.

We were able to get rid of books, dvds, t-shirts, homeware and more. Besides seeing how grateful people were to be blessed with these items, it had the added benefit of saving money for Jana and me. We were able to bless a lot of people, and yet this Christmas we spent less than ever for the holiday.

One of the things we gave away was a board game. Jana and I enjoy playing old school board games. For her thirtieth birthday, I gave her thirty gifts. Lots of fun, little things with some big things mixed in. One of those big things was a vintage Dune board game from 1979. I had come across it at a used bookstore in the Old Market. Jana had just finished reading Dune, and had watched the films. She liked the story. So, I picked it up for her birthday.

She liked the gift and we looked forward to playing it. However, we never got around to playing it. We wanted to, but just didn’t have time.

In thinking through things we had that we could give as gifts, I thought about the game. However, I didn’t want to suggest it since it was a birthday gift for Jana. Jana also thought about the game, but she was slightly concerned since it was a gift from me. We finally realized we were both thinking about the game, and trying to be considerate of the other. We talked through it and realized someone else would enjoy it more, and we knew someone close to us who would. They collect board games and have hundreds of vintage games in their home. The game was going to be enjoyed more by then than Jana and me.

It’s a cool game, and it’s just cool to have around and look at, but it was something that was taking up space in our home. We weren’t playing it, and it is a board game that was meant to be played.

For an explanation of The RID Project, click here. To read previous updates, click here.

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