YouTube videos are viewed 2,000,000,000 times in one day, so there are a lot of things to watch online. And, I don’t nearly get around to watching all of them. Every day brings some new *viral* video that is a must watch, until the next day.

Here are some of those so-called viral videos I came across that I enjoyed. At the end of the list I included some of the favorite videos from the family.

12. NO! NO! NO! – Have to have at least one cat video on here.

11. Hearing for the first time

10. Verizon iPhone – Finally.

9. The Thrilling Joys of Ministry – One of my coworkers, Micah Yost, showed me this video. We laughed, and instantly had our own stories to share that were similar to this video.

8. Introduction to Minimalism – I was new to minimalism when I saw this, and laughed wholeheartedly. I had already experienced a minimalist on Twitter trying to leverage me to promote their stuff.

7. “Alohomora” – An old video by Pogo, but I came across it this year when watching some of his Pixar work. The boys liked this one as well.

6. OVER! – Brilliant.

5. Honey Badger – I laughed out loud when watching this the first time. I then forwarded it on to three friends. If you’ve watched it, you know the NSFW language in it. I won’t embed it here, but it is hilarious.

4. “Mario” – Why can’t we get this as a real film instead of the poor adaptation from the 90’s? (One NSFW word near the beginning, but then all good.)

3. The Hobbit trailer – There are a number of trailers I could put on this list, but I think this was the best for me. I loved the inclusion of singing, which is prevalent throughout the story and sets the tone.

2. The Force – Every kid that was a Star Wars fan knows this all too well. Great pay off.

1. 25 Years of Pixar Animation – The brilliance and beauty of Pixar.


The boys had their own favorite videos as well. They liked the 25 Years of Pixar and The Force. Liam liked this commercial from the Super Bowl.

Duncan liked this variation of the Nyan Cat. He called it “Sad Cat”. He would then ask me why the cat is sad, and I said, “Because it lost its rainbow.” I would then say how the cat travels the world looking for its rainbow. “The cat is sad!”

And, circling back to the beginning, one of Jana’s favorites of the year.

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