You already saw what were the most read posts in 2011, but the posts I liked can sometimes differ wildly from that list. So, a list of my favorite 2011 posts from the blog.

12. “666? It’s Just a Number” (Advertising the End of the World) (September 6) – One of the work projects from the year I had fun producing. I wish I would have had more time to work on it, but maybe that is a good thing I didn’t have more time!

11. Rainbow Rowell & Attachments (July 26) – A pseudo book review of Attachments. My wife Jana loved it when Rainbow came and shared with her book club about Attachments.

10. The Crapshoot of the Baseball Playoffs (September 29) – I’ve come to accept that a number of sports do a poor job of awarding the championship to the most deserving team. Luck and randomness play a prominent role, and thus some deserving teams don’t win and carry a legacy as chokers or underachievers. It’s not always fair, but it’s the system in play for a number of sports. After writing this post, the best team in both leagues lost in the playoffs. Was the World Series winner, St. Louis, the best team? I don’t think so, but they won the playoffs so they are the champs.

9. My Appearance in Walter Isaacon’s “Steve Jobs” (December 4) – Apple, Pixar and my writing converge to make an appearance in the best selling book of 2011. I’m happy. And, thanks to Jordan Green who came across the source in the book!

8. Terrorism in Norway, Amy Winehouse, Addiction & Social Media (July 25) – Some thoughts on the response from people, and the media, to various events and tragedies that occur around the world.

7. Justice & Reasonable Doubt (July 9) – The latest “trial of the century” that a sizable portion of the populace had no idea about. When they verdict came down on Casey Anthony, there was the outrage that lasted for the twenty-four hour news cycle. People took to social media to voice how the verdict was an injustice. I was grateful that most individuals who were opining about the verdict would not be my judge or jury someday.

6. Pray For/Against Obama (May 8) – I don’t discuss politics much anymore, but I took the bait here to respond against someone’s foolish note in a church bathroom.

5. The RID Project: Christmas Tree (Update #6) (November 29) – I’ve been pleased with how The RID Project posts have come so far. A number of them could have been included in this list, and I was tempted to put the post that dealt with the National Football League in here. That one garnered a number of comments from people offline. This post, though, was fun, and the response from others has been overwhelmingly positive.

4. Turning 35 (Being Old and Young) (August 25) – The most thought-provoking birthday yet for me.

3. Lying to Tell Truth (April 26) – Partially inspired by the controversy surrounding Greg Mortenson, I talk about the pressure to stretch the truth, and sometimes lie, to convey a point so you can continue to keep funding, attention and networking.

2. Returning to the Scene of the Crime…and Receiving Hope (Part 1, Part 2) (November 15 & 18) – These posts had been in the making for awhile, whether I realized it or not. I’m proud of them because of the story they tell of my own growth, learning and maturity. (I still have plenty of room to grow!)

1. Coming Clean: My Addiction Story (June 15) – I had been waiting to post this, and the timing was right this past June. I’m glad my story of redemption can be used to be an inspiration, and example, to others to help defeat addictive behaviors or overcome the darkness someone may be in from being a victim of sin.

Hatter’s Dozen 2010: Favorite Posts

Hatter’s Dozen 2011
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