First up with the Hatter’s Dozen is Top Posts. This year, I wrote 226 posts (and counting) on the blog. I use two different services to measure analytics for the blog. There was some discrepancy in the middle of the rankings, so I went with the post that I thought garnered more traction with people. However, there was no doubt with the posts at the top of the list.

12. The Intern Who Is More Than An Intern (August 22) – I’ve had the fun of getting to know Jordan Johnson since Big Omaha 2010. This past summer, he was an intern at work. In my position, there isn’t much I could do to thank and honor him, so I thought I would write a post about him and his work.

11. Why Big Omaha? 5 F’s As To Why. (May 11) – The first two Big Omaha events were brilliant, so it was no surprise that I’d shill for it as the third one came around.

10. 2011 Leadership Summit (Session 1 / Bill Hybels) (August 11) – Like clockwork, Bill Hybels opens up Leadership Summit with an amazing teaching. I’ve heard Bill speak a number of times, and my expectations are high for his talks. He always exceeds my expectations.

9. Missouri Valley Flood Response Efforts (June 7) – It was part of one day, but for a few hours it was wonderful to see people in the area come together to help a local community facing a natural disaster.

8. “The Dark Knight Rises” Prologue (Recap) (December 13) – Coworker, and friend, Klint Bitter and I headed over to Council Bluffs, IA to watch eight minutes of footage of the upcoming Batman film on IMAX. We arrived an hour early, and there was a fairly long line already there. Well worth it.

7. BRK 2011 Dividends (May 1) – Another round of thoughts, opinions and quips from Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger at the annual Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders’ Meeting. This year there was the controversy surrounding David Sokol, which Warren was pressed about.

6. Advertising on Facebook and Google (February 1) – Because of my work, I’m asked about ad campaigns online. I thought I’d blog about it and help others out with it. I’ve been blessed by a number of other individuals and organizations, online, who freely post their work. I wanted to do the same, even if it is on a much smaller degree.

5. Pray For/Against Obama (May 8) – Ugly Evangelical Republican stereotype rears its head. I take the bait and respond.

4. How to Win a Free Ticket to Big Omaha (April 28) – An opportunity to pay it forward since I’ve been given so much through Big Omaha. It was fun meeting some people from the community through this contest I held.

3. Forgiving my Grandfather, a Pedophile (November 9) – A story of family, faith and forgiveness.

2. My Appearance in Walter Isaacson’s “Steve Jobs” (December 4) – My favorite post in 2010, that I wrote, ends up being source material for the biggest selling book in 2011. Awesome.

1. Coming Clean: My Addiction Story (June 16) – I’m glad this is number one.

Hatter’s Dozen 2010: Top Posts

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