Eating and writing...
One last time?

A sunny day, unfortunately, here in Dundee. Sitting in Amsterdam, enjoying some curry fries and mayo, and looking out over 50th Street.

I’ve been coming consistently to Amsterdam for over four years now. Back in 2007, I came every Friday for lunch. I would order curry fries and mayo, and then spend some time writing, in long form, about my recovery from addiction. In late May of 2008, I had a breakthrough with my recovery and stopped writing about that topic while at Amsterdam. Instead, I started writing about random things, and I’d blog about it. For awhile, I named my blog Curry Fries & Mayo because I did come here so often to eat and write.

This past year, I haven’t been able to come to Amsterdam as much as I’d like. When I have been able to get here, I’ve spent a lot of my time writing longer posts and/or talking with people here. (Usually Anne and Phil, the owners.)

I hope to mix-in some shorter posts more often and not just save a bunch of thoughts for a compilation post. It was easy to do these posts when I was writing them once a week or every other week. It’s harder when it is once a month because there is too much to mention.

I was thinking I would get to 100 posts and then stop, but at this rate I don’t know when that will be. I will still be coming down here to eat, write and converse with people, but the steady stream of rambling posts will stop for awhile.

All that being said…

I’m one of the few individuals disappointed by the mild winter so far.

I can understand why Sports Illustrated awarded Pat Summitt and Mike Kryzezwski their Sportswoman and Sportsman of the Year award. I was hoping Aaron Rodgers and Dirk Nowitzki would get the award for winning championships while overcoming various forms of adversity.

The fact that I still can’t spell Kryzezwski without looking it up surprises me. Duke is “on tv more than Leave It To Beaver…reruns”. I would think the spelling would’ve been beaten into me by now.

I have tried to not follow the NFL this season, and yet I’m defending my championship in the one fantasy football league I’m playing. It just takes setting a lineup consistently, and a bit of luck.

I saw The Descendants last week. I wasn’t sure I liked it, but as I drove away from the theater I was thinking a lot about the film. It is my favorite Alexander Payne film.

I save a lot of vacation days, but I won’t end up using all of them. The vacation days I have taken last week and this week have not been restful. Last week, I forced myself to go see a movie (The Descendants) because it was a vacation day. I had been doing work off-and-on on these vacation days. There’s just a lot going on with the launch of the Online Campus happening soon. I’m glad I like my job.

I’ve given up on my diet during the holidays. I was at 180.6 before Thanksgiving, but a few days after Thanksgiving I was over 191. My goal is to stay below 180. I’ll be able to do that better once the holidays pass and there aren’t cookies and treats everywhere at work! Plus, the holiday get togethers with loads of delicious foods.

I hope to see Doug McDermott play sometime this season live.

I continue to read through the Book of Romans repeatedly.

The latest Coldplay album was on sale for $5, so I bought it. I can’t recall the last album I bought that wasn’t a soundtrack. I listened to it once, and that might be the only time I listen to it for awhile.

Take that back, I do recall the last album I bought. I bought Lady Gaga’s latest album when Amazon was selling it for $1. I was going to listen to it and blog about it. I still haven’t listened to it. A waste of a $1.

I think it was elementary school the last time I used the library as much as I have in recent weeks.

Jana and I don’t do a lot with Christmas decor and lights, but we definitely enjoy those individuals who spends lots of money, and time, decorating their houses.

Boston Red Sox? Meh…

NBA? Meh…And that’s better than it should be. David Stern, and some of the owners, have done a lot to turn me off from the sport.

Soccernomics is a great book.

Amsterdam and Dundee, a wonderful match.

Thanks for reading these posts.

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