Free #TheDarkKnightRises shirt for attending the screening of the prologue.
Front of one of the two t-shirts viewers had the choice of receiving for free.

Just came back from seeing the screening of the prologue from The Dark Knight Rises. Was it worth driving to the IMAX theater in Iowa and waiting in line to see a 6+ minutes of footage from the film? Yes. Most definitely. Friend and coworker Klint Bitter was along for the ride as well.

The shots, the music, the reveals…well worth it. Go see it on IMAX.

Now for the recap. I’ll do my best to keep this right. Obviously, SPOILERS AHEAD…

This was the opening sequence of the film. It starts out with Jim Gordon speaking at a memorial for District Attorney Harvey Dent. He shares kind words, trying to mask the truth of Harvey Dent. He ends it with, “I believe in Harvey Dent.”

Cut to a SUV driving through a field. In the backseat are three hooded figures. The vehicle pulls up to a plane where a CIA agent is waiting with armed personnel. One of the hooded figures is brought to him, and it is Dr. Leonid Pavel. This is a character referenced in the viral campaign. The other two characters are not known, but they apparently have information on the mercenary Bane. They are taken on board the plane.

The plane is in the air, and the CIA agent is threatening the hooded men. He will let one of them live if they tell him information. He pretends to shoot one of them to try and get the other to talk, but the other person is not fooled. In fact, he tells them as much. His voice is a bit muffled, but also somewhat synthesized. You know it is Bane. The CIA agent pulls the hood off to reveal Bane.

The agent is not connecting the dots, thinking he has captured what he wanted. He asks about Bane’s mask and if he would die if it was taken off. Bane tells him it would not be helpful. However he is unaware of a bigger plane coming into the airspace above the plane they are in. Bane informs the agent that this is going to plan. We then see four individuals descend via ropes from the plane above and attack the plane below. Bane stands up and breaks out of his restraints. Dr. Pavel is scared.

As the plane below begins to fall apart, Bane and his team capture Dr. Pavel. They then do some sort of blood transfusion from the doctor to a body bag that has been brought in. As Bane and his team get ready to leave, he asks for one of his team to stay on the plane and be a part of the wreckage. The individual does so willingly and asks if “the fire rises”. Bane tells him yes. The individual is content.

Bane holds on to the doctor, flips a switch, and is pulled out of the plane below. That plane plummets to the ground, and Bane, with the doctor holding on, are being pulled in the air by the plane above.

The prologue ends and then we are treated to a quick montage of clips from the rest of the film. The first clip? Batman holding a gun, a shot that was already revealed already. The second clip? Catwoman. Not Selina Kyle, but Catwoman in costume from the neck up. We see more clips of Bane and Batman, the two of them fighting, car chase with what appears to be the Batmobile flying, a gang war getting ready to start, Selina Kyle riding in a car, and the shot of Bane holding the broken mask of Batman.

And that was it.

I thought the prologue was brilliant. It’s not better than The Dark Knight prologue and the reveal of the Joker. That’s one of the greatest opening sequences ever. Still, this was brilliant. The movie jumps right into the story after the brief scene of James Gordon giving the memorial of Harvey Dent. That connects it to the last film, where Gordon and Batman hide the truth to give people their hero. You had the reveal of Bane, some great IMAX shots, and an amazing action sequence at altitude. There was a brief shot of Catwoman, and of course Batman in action. I do wonder about Bane’s voice, because it was hard to understand at points, but it did add to the raw menace of the character.

Klint and I speculated on whether or not Christopher Nolan would kill Batman. There is that hint with the promotion and screened footage.

July 2012 can’t come soon enough. See The Dark Knight Rises in IMAX for the full effect.

One thought on “"The Dark Knight Rises" Prologue (Recap)

  1. I don't think they will kill him off. That's the first thing you would think upon seeing the official poster, and even upon reading the interview with Chris Nolan that was posted online, but there is no way that a man known for surprise twists would reveal the biggest twist in superhero movie history six months before its release.


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