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Jana and I have three sons, and our oldest just celebrated his fifth birthday. The boys have four sets of grandparents who like to give gifts. Not to mention we have friends who are going through the same stage of life that have passed along children’s items we could use. So, we have a lot of children’s “stuff”.

One thing we have amassed is children’s books. Jana and I both like to read, we like to read to the boys, and the boys like to read. We have children’s books lining the bookcases in the living room, the dining room, the basement and their bedrooms.

As Jana and I started simplifying and minimizing around the house, we realized we had a number of children’s books that we did not read. We started gathering them up. Then, we talked with the boys about which books they did like and want to keep. In the end, we had over eighty different children’s books we were going to get rid of.

While we knew we could take them to Half-Price Books and sell them, we wanted to give them to someone who would be blessed by them. Many of the books had been given to us, and we wanted to pass them along as well.

At Christ Community Church, Jana is a leader in the MOPS ministry (Mothers Of Pre-Schoolers). She was made aware that Compass Ministries was looking for book donations for kids. Perfect timing. We were able to donate our books through a book drive coordinated by MOPS.

Compass Ministries is located in North Omaha and they serve children and teens in the area. I know a number of the volunteers, and they do amazing work with kids. A number of the kids come from difficult situations, but these volunteers do what they can to help make a positive difference in these kids’ lives.

Hopefully, these books can be used to make a difference in a child’s life.

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