I wanted to give you an update with where things stand with the Online Campus. I’ve been kind of quiet about it lately, but that’s been purposeful. We had some cool things in the works, but now a number of them are finalized. Here’s a summary of what’s on tap. I’ll go into some more details in the embedded video.

  • Online Campus launches on February 5.
  • Streaming the entire 10:45 Access service.
  • Multi-camera production in HD.

A few other things happening that I didn’t mention in the video. One is the development for the Online Campus site. Right now, we have a basic version of the Online Campus up and running. However, in mid-January you will see more of the interactive and personal elements to the Online Campus site implemented. (Special thanks to LifeChurch.tv for their help with this.)

Also, early in January 2012 you’ll start to see a physical presence for the Online Campus in the Old Mill Campus Atrium. When the Online Campus launches February 5, the team will be working from this space in the Atrium. (Thanks to Christine Gerhart for designing it and our Property Team for constructing it in the coming weeks.)

Finally, because we will be streaming the entire 10:45 Access service, the Online Campus Team will be working more closely with the team that supports Access. I’m looking forward to this because it’ll be fun to work more with Micah, Ryan and others on a consistent basis. (If you still would like to volunteer to be a part of the Online Campus Team, please let me know!)

I’m excited by what God has in store with the Online Campus. It’s going to be fun to see how God uses it to get people connected with the gospel.

So, before the Super Bowl kickoff, come be a part of the Online Campus kickoff!

(For the latest information about the Online Campus, click here.)

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