Last year, I started my own version of a year-end review. While lists are a go-to for generating web traffic, lists are also fun. They initiate conversations. Plus, it’s good to reflect back on the year.

In the coming days I’ll start posting my reviews/lists/reflections. The Hatter’s Dozen. Covering standard and fun topics, I will list a top twelve within a topic. Why twelve? Because there are twelve months in a year.

I’ll have a few new topics for this year. Here are last year’s #1’s, and links to the overall lists:

Media: Toy Story 3
Twitter: When the prediction came it was to be a mild winter, sure they factored in the -20 degree day w/ -37 wind chill. Not to mention 2 blizzards. (January 4, 2010)
Joe Posnanski: Jacobellis
Top Posts (RamHatter): How To Animate With Keynote
Curry Fries & Mayo: Last week, Duncan told Jana that he loves God, and he learned how to do a Darth Vader impression. For some reason, that combination makes me smile in a multitude of ways. (Curry Fries & Mayo #67)
Work Projects: Baby Dedication
Favorite Posts (written): Josh Cooley gives an in-depth look at Pixar’s creative process
People: Timothy Keller

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