Cue the refrain of, “Where did the year go?”

We have a tendency to laud those that accomplish great things at the sacrifice of their family. We love them for it because their sacrifice doesn’t affect us, but we would absolutely hate them for it if they were our own spouse/parent. I was reminded of this with Urban Meyer who is back into coaching less than a year after quitting to devote more time to his family and to take care of his health. For his family’s sake, and his own health, I hope Urban knows what he is doing. Fans of major college football programs do not have patience for a coach who won’t sacrifice for his school’s program.
When I hear, “They apologized in their own way,” I often think someone is not truly apologizing. Usually, the individual does not admit they were wrong, does not attempt to rectify the situation, they just want to move on.
The NBA is back now, but only with 66 games? This may cause the regular season to matter.
Reading Soccernomics right now, and enjoying it.
Was a bit disappointed with Rise & Shine: The Jay DeMerit Story. The final act that focused on the US National Team I found anti-climactic. I wish the time taken with US team would’ve been used to focus more on his English Premier League play. I think it’s more impressive he played in the EPL than the US National Team. Still, it was great to go out and support the film, even if the theater couldn’t figure out how to screen the film properly.
Where is the snow?
I’ve started a bit of a Warby Parker movement amongst coworkers. I told a few people about Warby Parker, and then they told a few others, and now a number of people are going with Warby Parker for their next pair of glasses. After my second round of the home try-on program, I found a pair I liked. Ordered them this morning.
I hope, along with a number of Husker fans, Ndamukong Suh reigns in his temper on the football field.
Thanks to Alton Brown for his Thanksgiving Turkey recipe. Leftovers have been outstanding. Of course, just when my weight got down to 180, I put on pounds again.
I’ve been rereading the Book of Romans over and over for almost two months. I think I may camp out on the book for awhile.

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