At work, we have an Amazon Prime account. If you don’t know what Amazon Prime is, it is a yearly service you pay for that gives you two-day shipping on things you purchase from Amazon. It’s handy when you need something in a pinch.

This past week, we needed to order more Bibles for Project 4:4, a yearlong challenge Christ Community Church is doing to read through, and study, the entire Bible. We’re encouraging people to buy a specific Daily Bible. CCC has been buying them at a reduced rate and then selling them to people at the church for no profit. The Bibles have been selling faster than anticipated, which is great. However, we were practically sold out and our next shipment of them wasn’t going to arrive before today’s Sunday services. I had mentioned to one of my leaders about utilizing Amazon Prime to get some Bible shipped while we waited on a local Christian bookstore to get their shipment here.
Amazon sold the Daily Bible we are encouraging people to read through in 2012, and they qualified for Amazon Prime. So, I could purchase them and get them shipped in two days. Lead Pastor Mark asked me, last Tuesday, to purchase 200 Bibles and get them shipped here before Sunday. If Amazon had enough in stock, it wouldn’t be a problem to get them here.
On the Daily Bible’s page, I see I can order up to thirty and still get Amazon Prime’s free two-day shipping. I put in 200, and at first it appears I can get free two-day shipping. I place the order, but then it says they won’t arrive till next week. I call Amazon and talk to someone in customer support. I ask why they can’t ship in two days, since I have Amazon Prime. He tells me since I’m ordering so many that it will take longer for them to ship. I didn’t quite get this. I tell him, again, that I’ve paid for Amazon Prime so I thought I should get the two-day shipping. And, they are in stock so that isn’t an issue. He still tells me that I can’t get that many shipped to me for a week.
I hang up with him and cancel the order. I go back to the item’s page on Amazon and order thirty. It appears that Amazon Prime applies and they’ll arrive before Sunday. I checkout the items, and it is verified that they will arrive in two days.
I place a duplicate order of thirty Daily Bibles, and it says they’ll arrive in two days. I place a third order, a fourth order…same thing. They’ll arrive in two days.
In total, I placed seven separate orders of thirty Daily Bibles with Amazon. They shipped the 210 Daily Bibles, within fifteen different boxes, in two days. Now, I’m not sure why they couldn’t do that with one order of 200. I’m not sure how the way I ultimately ordered the Bibles is easier for Amazon. I doubt it is cost effective for them. I think it is harder, but if I wanted to use Amazon Prime, a service work pays for, I needed to do it the complicated way.

We had the Bibles ready to sell this morning, and we nearly sold out of them.

So, thanks Amazon for two-day shipping. Also, thanks that you allow two-day shipping when you force me to make seven duplicate orders, since you couldn’t do two-day shipping for one order.

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