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Since Jana and I started on this minimalism journey over a year ago, we’ve steadily cleared out the clutter that has filled our cellar. Our cellar is getting back to looking like a cellar instead of an overflowing storage unit. Some things I uncovered awhile back were some Christmas gifts I got Liam for his first Christmas.

Last year, I blogged about the minimalism Christmas Jana and I were attempting. It was rewarding. We didn’t spend ourselves into debt, and helped the boys focus in more on why we celebrated Christmas. One of the things I talked about in last year’s blog post was the stuff I bought for Liam when he was born, and I referred to toys I bought him. Well, here are some of them. Still in their packaging, and collecting dust.

Now, they could be gifts for Liam this year, and he’d probably like them. However, let me state again they’ve been in my cellar for almost five years. Doing nothing. Liam would like them, but there are other things he would enjoy more. More importantly, there are a lot of children who aren’t getting any gifts this holiday season.

At church, we are collecting gifts to give to children who normally wouldn’t receive any gifts. I got these toys together to give toward that cause.

Liam saw us with these toys and asked if he could open them. We told him no and explained why. He was a bit upset at first, because these are toys he sees at that moment. He wants to play with them right now. However, he came around and understood. Then, when we pray, he prays for kids “who don’t have things” and he asks God “to take care of them and get them things”.

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