Round 2 of getting rid of soundtracks

For an explanation on The RID Project, click here. To read previous updates, click here.

Today, I took another box of items into Half Price Books. In the box were books, dvds and cds. Many of the cds were from my collection of soundtracks.

Back in the fall of 1997, I started collecting film, tv and musical soundtracks. I got the idea when I was on a theater team travelling through the south. One of the homes I stayed in had a thorough collection of musical soundtracks, and I thought that was really cool. So, I started collecting soundtracks.

It was a fun collection which introduced me to a wide variety of musical styles. It’s why some of my favorite musicians are Hans Zimmer and Bear McCreary.

I started to amass a number of soundtracks, I believe I was close to 100 at one point. Some soundtracks I purchased because I liked the movie, or tv show. Even if the soundtrack was bad, I kept it because of the collection.

I wasn’t listening to a number of them, though. Or, there’d only be one track off of it that I’d like. It didn’t make sense to keep holding onto them, especially since they were taking up space in my iTunes library.

A year ago I started getting rid of a number of albums, and while I got rid of some soundtracks I still held onto a number of them for sentimental reasons. Today, I got rid of some of those soundtracks. They had been gathering dust, and I am deleting the files from my iTunes library.*

*I don’t think it’s right for me to hold onto the digital files if I just got rid of the soundtracks. And, I’m not going to illegally download the soundtracks if I want to listen to them in the future. Part of this project is to get rid of stuff, and that means getting rid of digital files that take up space on my computer.

I’m still holding on to a number of favorite soundtracks like Good Will Hunting, Battlestar Galactica, Lemony Snicket, Fellowship of the Ring, High Fidelity, The Perfect Storm, Veronica Mars, Singles, Once, The Matrix Reloaded, Finding Neverland, O Brother Where Art Thou and many more.

The ones I got rid of today I had held on to because I liked Pixar (Ratatouille and Wall-E), liked one song off of it (“Jai Ho” from Slumdog Millionaire, “Every Breath You Take/Theme From Peter Gunn” from The Sopranos), was a fan of the tv show (Lost, 24, and Serenity with Firefly), had a great experience at the show (Bring in Da Noise, Bring in Da Funk), or got the double-disc, special edition of the soundtrack instead (The Dark Knight).

I will continue to enjoy soundtracks, just not as zealously as I once did.

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