Why now?

Seven months after the release of Rob Bell’s book Love Wins, and the subsequent controversy, I decided to read the book. When the book was announced I intended to read it, but then Rob started talking about the book, in interviews, and I was less than enthralled to read it. I quickly forgot about the book, but then something happened. I was asked about the book. Repeatedly. I was asked for my opinion about the book by people who ordinarily wouldn’t read books with Christian themes. People who weren’t Christian were asking for my opinion regarding the book.
So I got a copy of Love Wins and read it.
Already once I tried to write a post detailing my thoughts about the book, but that became a jumbled mess. I wasn’t sure how to write the post, but I wanted to post something. I wanted to close the book on this topic, so to speak. I talked to my friend, and coworker, Tim Perry about recording a video where we discuss our thoughts and opinions about the book. We had already touched on this once, in an earlier video, but both of us wanted to converse about it a bit more.
Tim and I’s intent in recording this video is to converse about the content of this book, and address the topic of universal reconciliation.
Tim and I probably should have had more of a game plan when we sat down to talk, but we didn’t. There were a number of things we did not talk about that we did want to discuss. I felt like it took us awhile to get going, but once we did we got on a roll in talking about the book.
One of the goals with these Beyond The Message videos is to keep them informal and conversational, but going forward I’ll be a bit more structured with them. This is so they can be concise and easy to listen to in one sitting. Then again, this topic is worth the discussion time.

Topics discussed are:
  • Intention of reviewing Love Wins and discussing universal reconciliation.
  • How often is Hell/judgment referenced in the Bible?
  • What is the meaning of the gates to the city being open in Heaven?
  • What does Luke 16:19-31 mean?
  • What does it mean when God says He’ll bring all people to Him in the end?
  • What does it mean when everyone (kings) bows before Jesus in the end?
  • What does sin truly do to us?
  • Are their other attributes of God beyond love?
  • Are God’s attributes isolated?
  • Has universal reconciliation been a theme of Christianity since the beginning?
  • Why has the book been frustrating for us?
  • Is there any scripture that supports a second chance for people, after they die, to escape Hell?
  • Who will be in Heaven?
  • Romans 1:18-23

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