Bottles of sand from past vacations.

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If you read this blog regularly, you know that I’m not a consumer of alcohol anymore. So why do I still have bottles of beer taking up space in my cellar? Because they are mementos.

Jana and I have done a few vacations where we went to the beach. I’m not sure how this came to be, but we started bringing home sand from some of these beach trips. The first time was when we were at the Outer Banks in North Carolina. We had our “hard lemonade” bottle that we used to collect some sand from the beach. We brought it home and…yeah. It just took up space.

Two years later, on the beach trip to Dauphin Island, AL, we decided to do the same thing. It’s a tradition, right? So we had a Corona Light bottle that we gathered some sand in to take home. We set it next to our previous bottle. Wow. What a sight. You know how often Jana and I would look at those bottles of sand and reminisce? Never.

That didn’t stop us from doing it a third time, once again in Dauphin Island, AL. We were so enamored by it that Jana and I asked each other if it was worth it. The best part was included in the sand were pieces of concrete and other debris. This was after a Hurricane and leveled parts of the area and all sorts of debris was washing up on the shore. This third bottle was promptly put in the cellar, with the other two bottles, when we got home.

For four years those three bottles filled with sand have been in the cellar. They’re not alone though. I also had a bottle of Guinness in the cellar. Why? It was given to me by someone when Liam was born. Why did I not drink it? Well, I thought I should keep it as a memento since it was in conjunction with my firstborn. It meant so much to me that I stored it in the cellar for almost five years.

What was I ever going to do with these bottles? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I poured out the Guinness and recycled the bottle. And the other bottles with the sand? I took them out to our new fire pit and poured the sand around it. The bottles were also recycled.

I’m not sure when the thought was planted, but I’ve often kept a number of random mementos from trips and vacations. Most of these things remain boxed in my cellar. If it was such a special trip or vacation, you would think I would have these things prominently displayed. How can I if I have boxes upon boxes of such items?

You would think I would want to recycle every bottle I have, but I didn’t. For some reason, I kept an unopened Sam Adams Light. It’s from a six pack I bought, in 2004, to celebrate the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series. I’ll probably get rid of it at some point, but chose not to do it this time. It deserves its own story.

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