Beautiful fall day here in Omaha. Still looking forward to the first snow, but this is fine for now. I’m outside Amsterdam eating and typing. Why not inside? The place is full! Glad business is going well for Anne and Phil.

I’ve been volunteering at Franklin Elementary, in north Omaha, and am thoroughly enjoying it. The first and second graders are great, as well as the teachers. Blog post to come.

Been plowing through a few books, but I think I want to reread Tim Keller’s Generous Justice next. Also started Simon Kuper’s Soccernomics and enjoying it.

The recent B.S. Report podcast, with Jane Leavy, was a good listen. She discussed writing biographies about Mickey Mantle and Sandy Koufax.

Now that I posted the unfinished post that was inspired by Tim Tebow, I wish I would have finished it. Granted, it sat dormant for almost three years, but the theme of it is relevant. How Christians treat celebrity Christians is cause for concern.

Tebowing makes me laugh, though.

I was told to watch the new show Once Upon A Time, but it is reminiscent of the comic Fables. This is nothing new. People won’t read comics because of their prejudice, but will watch a show inspired by the comic. Even if that show has a weaker storyline.

If I had to guess, a year from now it will be Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama on the ballot. I know, *really* going out on a limb there. The only wildcard is if Ron Paul goes the third party route.

Watched the documentary Catching Hell and thought Cubs fans don’t deserve a World Series championship for awhile. Curse of the Billy Goat? How about the curse of treating Steve Bartman like crap? There are always a few idiot fans, and sometimes the media can fan the flames and misrepresent what a majority of a team’s fans think, but it was awful to watch the fans turn on Steve Bartman.

Before the Red Sox won the World Series in 2004, I always thought it was the media that made a bigger deal about Bill Buckner’s error than the fans. It was part of a narrative that was easy to digest. Of course, maybe that’s what Cubs fans think as well.

Saw the film Moneyball, again. Enjoyed it, again.

NBA? Meh…

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