Some of the 30 t-shirts I'm getting rid of. #theRIDproject
Some of the thirty-plus shirts I’m getting rid of currently.

One week ago today, I started sorting through my possessions and deciding what I was going to get rid of. It wasn’t solely about getting rid of items, but also passing some items on to others who would appreciate those particular items more than I would.

I blogged about the The RID Project, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. I did find it ironic that many of the responses were from people putting in a request to take a possession off of me. Granted, I put that out there. I wasn’t frustrated at all. It was nice to know that some of these items would be going to people that would use them. It was just ironic, considering this project is about getting rid of stuff.

As you can tell from the above picture, I have a lot of t-shirts I will be giving away. There are over thirty of them: Lost, Star Wars, Threadless, U2, Coldplay, Kanye, Ben & Jerry’s, The Office, Apple, Broadway productions, Johnny Cupcakes, 2008 Beijing Olympics, Omaha and more.

The interesting thing? I still have roughly twenty t-shirts I’m holding on to. I’m guessing I’ll be getting rid of more of them in the upcoming months, but it showed me just how many shirts I had.

I hadn’t worn a number of them in a long time, like the concert or Broadway shirts. Those purchases were mementos, proof I was at the show. Do I need proof though? This isn’t like when I was growing up when you could only get artists’ shirts at the show. It’s a mentality from when I was a kid that I am breaking free of finally. (The Andy Warhol-inspired Les Miserables shirt is cool, but I can’t recall the last time I wore it.)

The Lost inspired shirts are fun, but I ended up not wearing them as much as I thought I would.* Some of the other shirts are cool, but having to explain them all the time, when you wear them, gets old. If I worked at a comic book store this wouldn’t be an issue.

*The disappointing series finale may have something to do with that as well.

Down in our cellar are numerous boxes full of cds and dvds. These are the selections that survived last year’s purge when I took eight boxes of books, cds and dvds to Half-Price Books. One of the things I pulled to get rid of was the (first) dvd box set of Indiana Jones. Friend and coworker Klint Bitter saw that I was going to get rid of it and inquired about it.

It’s interesting, there were some things I planned on selling, and the response from people told me I could indeed sell some of these things. However, many of these things have been sitting in my cellar because I kept telling myself I would sell them on eBay. I never did because I don’t have time. I didn’t want to waste time trying to figure out what something is worth. And, I want to be able to bless people with something they’ll enjoy.

So, I gave Klint the dvd box set. It was the first thing I got rid of, officially, with this project. He was a bit surprised, but I was glad I could give it to him. One of the first conversations I had with Klint was about our affinity for comic books and films. We were driving back from lunch at Dundee Dell, and we were getting all geeky with our talk about comics and movie. I know Klint will enjoy the set, especially since it doesn’t have the last Indy film…which is an abomination.

Klint and I, CCC’s Pastors of Pop Culture.

The next thing I gave away was one of the t-shirts. It was a shirt from the company 200 Nipples that prints limited-edition shirts. They only make 100 of every shirt, but the pricing made it interesting. Each shirt was tagged with its number: 1, 2, 3, 4…you get the idea. If you bought shirt #1, you paid $1. If you bought shirt #2, you paid $2. This was the case all the way up to shirt #100. Greg Nunamaker, another coworker, was the person that told me about the company. When we worked together in Communications, we’d converse about the latest release and how high we’d be willing to pay to get that particular shirt.

Two years ago I finally bought a 200 Nipples shirt. It’s a cool design, but I haven’t worn it this year. Greg came to mind as someone to give it to because he likes graphic tees, and knows the 200 Nipples story. Greg dug it when I gave it to him.

Greg and I with the 200 Nipples shirt “Club Guns” #17.

It would be easier to just bag everything up and take it to Goodwill, but giving away some of these things to people has made it fun. It’s been rewarding. Sure, there are things I’m going to trash or donate, and I’ll blog those stories as well, but I wanted to start off with these stories. I want this project to be more than simply just getting rid of stuff.

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