Something I noticed a few months ago with my Twitter use was I had become less involved. I was following more people than ever, but it was all starting to become noise.

Back when Twitter was a novelty, there were a lot of fun conversations I had with people I didn’t know. A number of these people have become friends. Those conversations and friendships can still happen, but you have to filter out accounts for it to happen. For me, I had to filter out media and journalists.

When I began to notice that conversations were happening less and less for me, I looked at my Twitter feed. It was inundated with tweets from media and journalists. They were choking out the tweets from friends and people I wanted to hear from regularly. When I first joined Twitter, there were hardly any media or journalists using it. Now it is standard. In one sense, that is cool because you can receive instantaneous news on anything you so desire. The downside is if you follow a number of media or journalists Twitter accounts, you now get deluged.

I can be an information junkie. According to the Strengths Finder tests, one of my strengths is Input. I’ve had to limit my input take. (It’s not just with Twitter, but also with blogs and podcasts I subscribe to.)

I never use to employ Twitter lists before, but I started to during the summer. I moved a number of accounts to lists I created, and stopped following close to 100 accounts. It wasn’t just media and journalists I stopped following, it was speakers, politicians and more. It was the accounts that only tweeted links to their blogs, articles or work.

I wanted conversation and interaction again.

Since I implemented the changes, I’ve seen an uptick in conversations again. I’m more aware of what’s going on with my friends and community. I’m not easily distracted by the constant “Breaking News” tweets that aren’t of the sort. Twitter is fun again.

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