This past weekend I attended TEDx Omaha. While I do have a recap of the entire event in the works, an idea from TEDx Omaha has taken up residence in my brain and I’m acting on it.

As a number of you know, last year I was inspired to pursue a minimalism lifestyle. A number of factors led to this, but the catalyst/coalescing force was Joshua Becker. I heard him give a presentation about minimalism, and what he said clicked with me. Since then, I’ve been trying minimalize my life in all aspects.

I think this first year of minimalism has been good for me.

At TEDx Omaha, the opening speaker was Dave Weaver, and his talk was about What I Got Rid Of Today. Every day, for an entire year, Dave got rid of something. The RID Project. He would document the items he got rid of, and then blog about it.

I was challenged and inspired. While I think I’ve done well with the first year of the minimalism lifestyle, I still see a lot of stuff I own that I don’t use. I could sell it, trash it, donate it, or give it to someone who would appreciate it more. I’ve doubled down.

So, I’m going to get rid of stuff, my version of The RID Project.

I’m going to challenge myself as well. How sentimental is something if it is in a box in the cellar? Just because I use something one time a year does it mean it should clutter my house? Do I really want to hold on to an item because I might use it some day? If something is gone, won’t it take the pressure away for me to feel like I should use it?

There have been a lot of items I’ve been holding on to because I keep planning to post them on eBay. No more. I’ll either take them to some store here that will buy it on the cheap, or I’ll just give it away.

I spent part of the morning gathering up items for the project, and it was fun. I was excited to see how much stuff I could get rid of, and who came to mind when I thought of items to give away. That’s one thing that I’m interested to see what happens, how people may be blessed by me giving away some of these items to them. There’ll be times I’ll post on Twitter, or Facebook, if someone wants a particular item. I know people would enjoy some of this stuff much more than me.

I’ll be documenting the process as well. I won’t do it daily, like Dave did, but I hope to have a weekly update about what items I got rid of that week.

Thanks Dave. And, thanks Joshua.

25 t-shirts and counting to get rid of.
Anyone want a Coldplay, Kanye, U2, Star Wars, LOST, Omaha referenced or some other pop culture shirt?

More media to give away or take to Half Price Books. Yes, it’s a frame from Return of the Jedi.

Cleaning...minimalizing...and I wonder why I kept these.
Seriously, why I haven’t I trashed these long ago?

Random assortment of pop culture stuff, and I still have plenty of boxes to go through.

Socks anyone? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

2 thoughts on “The RID Project (Or, "Who Wants Free Stuff?")

  1. Thanks for the review of TEDx and specifically your application of the RID project. I had read some about this a while back, but your post is a timely reminder and encouragement for me to get off my duff and actually DO it.
    Thanks & Blessings, Scott


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