Nice article in the Omaha World-Herald about Phil and Anne, the owners of Amsterdam, getting ready to open their new restaurant, French Bulldog, early next year. And, speaking of Amsterdam and the Omaha World-Herald, there was a great review about Amsterdam as well.

Speaking at a retreat this weekend. It’s not something I’ve done much, but I do enjoy it. I’ll be speaking to leaders from Christ Community Church’s Emerge Ministry. They are primarily singles and/or young professionals. One of the things I’m excited about is my friend, Paul Gardner, is going to be speaking with me at the retreat. Next week, I’ll post some of what I am speaking about.
I’m curious to see how the Huskers respond to last Saturday’s loss to Wisconsin. Regardless of the outcome, I have some things ready to say in my next Four Downs segment.
Reading through The Extra 2%. The behind the scenes stuff, with how the Tampa Bay Rays came to be, is interesting to read.

Great column, from David Brooks, about the limits of empathy. Read it, and respond accordingly.

It’s been poignant to think about Steve Jobs’ impact since he passed away. Personally, I’m not sure how to quantify his impact on my life. I hadn’t really thought about it much until Wednesday evening. I shared yesterday about how he impacted some of my work at Christ Community Church, but personally? Not sure yet.
The New York Yankees lost in the playoffs, which I’m glad to see. Their loss isn’t a surprise, though.
I have not liked this return to 80 degree weather. Get cold!

Amsterdam…good as always!

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