Since I dropped cable in the summer of 2010, I don’t watch much television. It would be interesting to know how much of my tv watching has been devoted to Nebraska football since then. And then, how much of that has been devoted to watching the Huskers and Huskies play.

My setup today…MacBook Pro for Twitter, iPad for live game stats, and iPhone as a backup. Oh yeah, it’s Gideon’s first time watching a Huskers game.

First Down: Steady Diet of Rex – Tim Beck’s offense seemed to click. As the game progressed, it seemed the offense founds its identity. The bread and butter was running the football. Not just running, but power running. Rex Burkhead was great, averaging over five yards a carry, and the offensive line did a great job of winning the line of scrimmage. Over 300 yards rushing for the game. Considering where the offensive line was two weeks ago, this was major improvement. I think most Husker fans feel better about the offense as the team nears conference play.
Second Down: Martinez had a Solid Game – Taylor Martinez managed the game well. Sure, there was another fumble, and a near endzone interception, but he made good decisions. He slid, or went out of bounds, on a number of runs. Made some good reads on the zone read. The short passing game was working well for him. And, I liked it when he threw the ball out of bounds instead of forcing something. A number of us Husker fans have crushed him at times with some of his plays. So, we should acknowledge the good play as well. Third game in a new offense, under a new offensive coordinator, and he looked comfortable. Also seemed to have good rapport with teammates on sideline.
Third Down: Huskers Miss Amukumara, Hagg, and Gomes – I know Alfonzo Dennard is probably the best cornerback on the team, and his absence is one reason the secondary has looked awful at times. Still, trying to replace last year’s secondary would be next to impossible. You had three of your secondary drafted by the NFL. Dennard will be a huge help when he returns, but the rest of the secondary needs to step its play up. Nebraska may have let down a bit when it got up 44-17, but its secondary didn’t help matters by getting picked apart and allowing Washington to make it interesting in the end.
Fourth Down: Defensive Line Improved – I thought the defensive line played better. As the game progressed, they seemed to wear down Washington’s offensive line and clamp down on their running game. They were in the backfield a lot more, and getting pressure on the QB. Couple of plays, Washington’s QB, Keith Price, did a lot to escape the pressure and salvage the play.
Looking Ahead: I know it will be hard for Nebraska to focus in on Wyoming, and not Wisconsin, but they need to. Next week’s game could actually be critical. It will be important preparation for the start of Big Ten conference play. I’m guessing Alfonzo Dennard will play, and shake off any rust before Wisconsin. I hope the offense continues to take on the identity of smashmouth football, and develop continuity with the offensive line. I think the Blackshirts will have their best game yet. Get the win, and get out of Wyoming with everyone healthy. 

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