Fall weather is here. Love it.

The fade of the Boston Red Sox is something I’m not enjoying. I thought they’d be able to overcome the injuries they have faced, especially with their starting pitching, but it’s not looking good right now. I still like their chances if they can get healthy, but that’s a big if right now.

I can understand why people, especially rival politicians, point out when a politicians changes his view on a particular topic. However, if the change of view is right, and it’s not just to score political points, isn’t that a good thing? The times are always changing. We should be able to adjust our view on a particular topic if new data comes in, or there is a change in the culture and community around us. It’s like the current candidates should have formed their political opinions in the 80’s and not changed since then. Think about all the changes that have occurred in life since the early 80’s. Those change aren’t going to affect a politician’s stance on a particular topic?

Think I’m going to try and attend The Elephant Room.

Looking forward to seeing the film version of Moneyball.

I don’t think David Stern and the NBA ownership has any interest in having a season this year. That is disappointing and sours me on the league.

Omaha may have dropped the flood emergency today, but the repercussions of the 2011 flood will continue throughout 2012. I hope we as a community continue to help those areas that were hit hard by the flood.

I understand why Major League Baseball wants to expand the playoffs, but it doesn’t make sense when you have 162 games in the regular season. One of the reasons for such a long season is to separate the  best teams. In any series, the best team can lose to the worst team. Over an entire season, it balances out and the best teams rise to the top. Allowing more teams into the playoffs counters the long season, and increases luck into play with the postseason. The best teams don’t always win, but that increases when you increase the playoff teams. It’s one of many reasons why I don’t like college basketball. College basketball is not thought of now because of its great play or great teams. It’s thought of with upsets. That’s nice and all, but it doesn’t reward great teams. It rewards lucky and/or hot teams.

Keeping it with baseball, I think a pitcher can win the MVP. Should Justin Verlander this year? He’s a candidate. He’s had a great year pitching for Detroit. People seem to be finding excuses why not to vote for him. I also think Jose Bautista shouldn’t be penalized because he plays on the Toronto Blue Jays. If other teams had to play in the AL East, the toughest division in baseball, they would be in the same predicament as Toronto. Toronto has a winning record against the AL Central and AL West. Right now, their record is over .500. I think Bautista is doing pretty well facing arguably the three best teams in the American League (Boston, New York and Tampa) on a consistent basis.

George Lucas is well within his rights to continue to alter and edit the Star Wars films so he can make money hand over fist. At the same time, I’m well within my rights to hate the changes he is making.

Jana put a fire pit in our backyard, and it’s been wonderful to spend evenings by it.

Amsterdam, as always, is good. Love it.

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