Since I started my new role as the Online Campus Pastor, my schedule has been in flux. At first, I enjoyed it as I’ve met with a lot of people talking about the Online Campus. I’m a part of some new meetings at work, which have been incredibly enriching to me.

Sundays are now considered a work day for me with my new role.* Jana and I decided that Mondays would be a good day to take as a Sabbath. This week was the first time I had Monday off. As I came to work on Tuesday, I felt a bit off-kilter. While the new work schedule had something to do with it, I think it was also just the busyness of the new role.

*Before, most Sundays were work. Now, it’s official. Plus, I’ll be doing some work Sunday afternoons from home.

One of the things I realized early on was establishing boundaries, with my schedule, so I and my family are not overrun by work. While still room for improvement, I think I’ve done a good job on that front. However, I’m not sure I’ve done a good job of establishing boundaries for my work within my work schedule. I had been thinking about this for awhile, but it really hit home with the new work week schedule.

In meeting with people on a consistent basis, I was setting up the meetings on any work day because there were so many. The announcement came for the Online Campus, and a lot of people wanted to get together to talk about it. This was a good thing. Unfortunately, what happened was work became a series of interruptions. I had a list of goals for the start of the Online Campus. I had a 6×6, which is a list of six goals to accomplish over the next six weeks. Still, I didn’t think I was being effective with my days. I was staying busy, but I thought I could be more efficient.

Yesterday, I had lunch with the other Campus Pastors. One of the main things we talked about was organizing our schedules for increased effectiveness. This afternoon, I spent time staring at my calendar and trying to figure out what days work best for various aspects of work. I understand things come up, but I don’t want to always be reacting. I want to be proactive and having boundaries that work responds to.* I don’t want to fit in what is important. That script needs to be flipped.

*I really liked this recent blog post from Steven Furtick about this.

I hit reset and started over from scratch with my work week. I feel like I have a gameplan now that I’ll put into practice next week. One of the things I incorporated was a FedEx Day. This is a play off a concept I learned from Daniel Pink at last year’s Leadership Summit. I have time blocked out during the week so I can go and “deliver” on the work I’m called to.

Wednesdays are my meeting day. Can meetings happen on other days? Of course, but I’ll try and drive my meetings to Wednesdays. I meet with the Message Team nearly all of Wednesday morning, and then every other Wednesday evening I am involved with the CCC cohort. It made sense for it to be a meeting day.

Fridays are the day I’m the on-call pastor, so it’s a bit of a hodgepodge. I’ll try push stuff to that day where interruptions aren’t a big deal.

I have a few other things set up for improved work flow. We’ll see how this goes, but I think it will improve efficiency and effectiveness at work. I think it will also allow me to read and write more*, something I hadn’t been doing as much of recently.

*Part of the reason for the recent lack of blog posts. Sorry!

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