Big Omaha 2011 Photo Booth
Jordan Johnson and I at Big Omaha 2011.

On any typical Sunday morning, at Christ Community Church, the Teaching Pastor and Worship Leader are front and center. They have to perform with excellence, and are always “on”. However, before they even hit the stage, hundreds of hours of work has been poured into making that specific service a success. Usually, it’s a number of people working feverishly, behind the scenes, to make the service a reality. The service finishes, and the work process repeats on Monday for those working behind the scenes.

The work is not easy, and it is long, so finding someone to embrace that can be hard when we’re looking for staff/volunteers/interns. On top of that, we want them to be a good fit with the culture we have here. This past summer, we were grateful to have Jordan Johnson as one of our Production Interns at CCC.

I first met Jordan at Big Omaha 2010. He was volunteer help at the event, and was introduced to me by a coworker who was also at the event. A student at Nebraska, it was cool to hear his passion for life, Omaha, Jesus and more.

We connected after Big Omaha, and just started talking about our respective lives and work. We stayed in contact, via Twitter, throughout the school year. As I got to know him more, I thought he’d do well working at CCC. Jordan was looking for a summer internship, and I wanted to hire him. I didn’t know what I could offer him, though. I also knew my role was changing and that could affect things.

I asked him if he was interested in being a communications/production intern for the summer, and he was. The issue was he was also interviewing for an internship with ESPN. He had made it past the first few rounds of interviews with the company. A tough spot for me because I wanted the best for Jordan, so part of me was hoping he’d get the internship at ESPN. At the same time, I thought if he progressed that far with ESPN that it was further proof he’d do well at CCC with what we’d want him to do.

Micah Yost and I met with him in the spring, and we both came to the conclusion we wanted Jordan on the team in some capacity. Micah extended him an offer to be an intern for the summer. Jordan accepted, and CCC’s gain was ESPN’s loss.

Jordan has tackled a variety of projects for us with gusto. His initiative is something we’ve appreciated as well. He’s fit right into what CCC is doing, especially on the production side of things, and provided his own perspective on projects. When the job required him to work late, he did so without complaint. He was everything, and more, we were hoping for when we asked him to be an intern. A lot of the production successes we’ve had this summer, and upcoming, are due to Jordan’s work.

He’s someone I’d bounce Online Campus ideas off of because I appreciated his thinking and input. When I had an offsite planning meeting for the Online Campus, I knew I wanted him there to provide insight. He’s been a great resource.

Personally, he’s kept me young at times with his stories and antics. He’d make me laugh a lot. I enjoyed our “Omaha Burger Tour” lunches. We’d talk life, Husker football, creative ideas, and what Jesus is doing in our lives.

Of course, I’d also give him a hard time, along with Micah. He was like a younger brother at times. More than anything, he is a friend.

From afar, I watched how he was maturing in various aspects of his life. It was cool to witness. He has talent, and some great experiences and contacts for his resume. However, watching him embrace the idea there is more to this life than a job and money, that he wants to do more than just exist, is good. It adds to my hope for the future. The next generation is going to keep moving forward for good with people like Jordan.

Jordan is back in Lincoln, proceeding with his senior year. What lays beyond for him I don’t know. I hope his journey circle backs to CCC, though. Perhaps I shouldn’t have written a post about how awesome he was as an intern, so others wouldn’t think to pursue him.* I know this. He’s one of those individuals you know you want on your team. Even if you have to create a position for him, you do it because he brings that much to your team and organization.

*Really, Jordan is horrible. You wouldn’t want to hire him. He’d waste your time. Honestly.

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