Earlier this summer, Jana and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. At first, it seems unbelievable that it’s been ten years. Then I think about the memories, and experiences, and it seems like it’s been decades since our wedding day.

I had wanted to do something special for our anniversary this year, but wasn’t sure what. I was also motivated by Jana being supportive of me, earlier in the year, when I was working some ridiculous hours.

Because of my changing role at work, the summer didn’t present an opportunity to have a getaway of some sort. And, I didn’t want to get something that would waste away or be boxed. It’s one reason I don’t normally get Jana flowers. They last for a day or two, but inevitably are thrown away. It seems like a bit of a waste. “I love you. To show you my love, here’s a gift that will die in a day.”
Last fall, we started the process of cleaning out our cellar after hearing a talk about minimalism. We threw away a lot of things, and I don’t miss any of my stuff. However, I felt bad about something Jana threw away. Her wedding bouquet. We talked about whether or not to keep it, but in the end we didn’t. It has just stayed in our cellar, dead and wilted. It didn’t look great, but still…I don’t know. After it was thrown away, I didn’t like the idea of it being gone.
Remember, these weren’t my flowers. I couldn’t tell you what the flowers were. I have no idea where my boutonnière is from the wedding day, and I don’t care about that. But Jana’s bouquet? I wanted it.
Someone I’ve come across on Twitter is Princess Lasertron, aka Megan Hunt. She’s a bridal and floral designer, and the artistry and creativity she brings to her work is amazing. After we threw away Jana’s bouquet, and I was disappointed about doing so, I thought, “I wish Lasertron was around when Jana and I got married.” Megan could’ve created some cool, vintage felt and button bouquet that we wouldn’t have thrown away.
And then I thought, “Well, why couldn’t she now?” It’d be a great gift for Jana, celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary and her birthday.*
*Also a great gift for her just being awesome.
I knew Megan worked primarily with brides, so I wasn’t sure if she would do the arrangement. I emailed her my request, along with a bit of the story. She replied enthusiastically to it, and we started talking about the project.
I emailed Megan a picture of Jana’s original wedding bouquet. I wanted that to be the basis for this new arrangement. Megan did a phenomenal job.
Two weeks ago, I saw a sneak peek of the arrangement. It was brilliant. I couldn’t wait to give it to Jana.

flowers for jana

flowers for jana

I picked them up yesterday, and was giddy.* I couldn’t wait to give them to Jana, but the trick would be to keep them hidden until I did.

*Thanks to Shannon, Megan’s assistant, who helped me out yesterday.

Today is Jana’s birthday. This morning, I woke up early to make breakfast for Jana and the boys. We started to eat, and then I gave Jana the flowers. She realized right away the connection to her wedding bouquet, but the boys were inquisitive as well. After the boys’ excitement of the gift subsided, Jana was processing it. Over the course of a few minutes, it was, “It’s nice.” “It’s really cool.” “They’re beautiful.” “What a nice idea.” “I think I’m getting choked up.” And, she started to cry a bit.*

*Thanks again, Megan.

We quickly got the nearest vase and displayed the flowers on the table. Jana then said, “Now I want to redecorate!” We both smiled.

Liam kept smelling the flowers. He thought they smelled “lovely”. They are lovely, just like Jana.

Happy birthday and anniversary, Jana. You’ve become my best friend, and I’m beyond grateful for that. Thanks for loving and serving me. Thanks for sticking with me. Thanks for ten years. I’m looking forward to many more decades with you.

For more about Princess Lasertron, you can find her on the web or Twitter.

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