Finishing up Session 5 was Mama Maggie Gobran. She grew up upper middle class, and had a successful career. However, she walked away from it and embraced God’s call to love and serve the poorest of the poor in Cairo, Egypt. These are the children, and families, who live amongst trash. After she shared, Bill Hybels shared a few words from the Book of Jeremiah.

Click on the speaker to read my notes from their session: Bill Hybels, Len Schlesinger, Cory Booker, Brenda Salter McNeil, Seth GodinSteven Furtick and Bill Hybels/Wess Stafford.

Tough Callings by Mama Maggie Gobran

  • We don’t choose where to be born, but we choose whether to be sinners or saints. We choose to be nobodies or heroes. If you want to be a hero, do what God wants you to do.
  • Christ was born in the Middle East, he was called out of Egypt. Christians face such persecution there now.
  • Egypt has sent to heaven the largest amount of martyrs. Land of tears and blood. Land of prayers and love.
  • To carry the fragrance of eternity, we must experience death.
  • To be elegant comes from the inside. It is motivated by love. To love is to give. To give until it hurts. To forgive. It is between you and God. God will hold you accountable.
  • Leave the best and the smartest and go to the poorest of the poor. The poorest of the poor are the children. They are hungry every day, every meal, every hour. Not just bread, but also for love and acceptance. They are naked from dignity and hope, not just from clothes and shelter.
  • When one has nothing, God becomes everything.
  • When I touch a poor child, I touch Jesus. When I listen to a poor child, I listen to God’s heart beating for all humanity.
  • There is mystery in the poor.
  • The hardest is to have a very pure heart.
  • The silence is the secret, the first step in showing me treasures. Silence is to be fully inside yourself. There we discover a taste of eternity, the Kingdom of God is within you.
  • Secrets in silence.
  • Silence your body, to listen to your words. Silence your tongue, to listen to your thoughts. Silence your thoughts, to listen to your heart beating. Silence your heart, to listen to your spirit. Silence your spirit, to listen to His spirit.
  • In silence you leave many and be with the One.
  • I am the least of anyone here. He can do miracles through you.
Bill Hybels
  • Nothing looks, tastes, seems successful with Jeremiah’s ministry. People just want him to shutup. God wants him to keep speaking, so he keeps speaking. He is persecuted continually.
  • Jeremiah 20 – Jeremiah lashes out at God for being deceived. He vents everything at God, but he is torn between his calling and his ache for success. It’s tearing him apart. He says he’ll be God’s spokesperson again. He has lower expectations the second time around. He preaches the word, and people pick him up and throw him in a cistern. He gets out and preaches the word again. People never listen, people never change. And then one day the enemy comes and takes the people of God. Jeremiah is taken into captivity. One day, while in captivity, he writes the Book of Lamentations.
  • Lamentations 3 – God’s mercies are new to me every morning. The relationship with God was there throughout it all. At the end of the day, great is thy faithfulness.
  • I’m not worthy to be spoken of in the same sentence as Jeremiah.
  • I have had very little true hardship as I’ve carried out what God calls me to do. When I travel internationally, or meet with people/churches who are in oppressive situations and do not have the resources, I realize I am not worthy.
  • If you watch one episode of evening news, you know our world is broken. And its getting worse. The fixes for the ills are not easy assignments. They are not short term. They are not going to have compensation packages. They will take decades or lifetimes. God is looking for some strong shoulder leaders who will take tough assignments. People who are willing to be attacked. People who will sign up for anything.
  • I think of the example of Richard Stearns and Amanda Lindhout. Richard left the business world, and million dollar salary, to become the President of World Vision. Amanda was a journalist who wanted to go to Somalia and report on what was happening there. She was kidnapped in Somalia and endured unimaginable hardships for the fifteen months she was kidnapped. She was released and thought she’d never go back. However, now she is there as a humanitarian, helping women in Somalia. That’s courage.
  • Jeremiah 19
  • The world is not going to get fixed unless leader like us are available for tough assignments.

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