Steven Furtick is the founder and Lead Pastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. In under six years, Elevation Church has seen tremendous growth and impact in the Charlotte area.

Here are my notes from the previous speakers: Bill Hybels, Len Schlesinger, Cory BookerBrenda Salter McNeil, and Seth Godin.

Audacious Faith by Steven Furtick

  • I’m dumb enough to believe that God can do anything. I haven’t lived long enough to realize that some things can’t be done. I will help you get the dumbness you need. The other faculty will get you the wisdom.
  • I’m not called to survive the world but to change it.
  • 2 Kings 3:9-20
  • Elisha was awesome in his own right. Yeah, we hear about Elijah and the mountaintop all the time, but Elisha was great as well.
  • Only God can make it rain. It doesn’t matter your men or equipment, they need water and only God can make it rain. We can only do what we can do. Only God can do the rest, only God can make it rain. Do we come to God at the beginning, or when we are at our end? Only God can send the rain.
  • Elisha calls out the king for coming to God now. He was bold.
  • “But now bring me a harpist.” This cat wants some mood music while soldiers are dying of thirst! In that culture and context, it makes some sense.
  • It’s awesome while you are here, at the conference, and the atmosphere is perfect.
  • You can do it. You can make it. Don’t give up. No matter what. Now I’ll say it with music playing. Said the same thing, but with music playing it amps us up. When the harpist is playing we love it. But then we go home. Praise God for inspiration at this Summit, but how are we going to get from inspiration to implementation.
  • If all you have is ideas you are a daydreamer not a visionary.
  • God what do you want to say to me? What do you want to say to me in my unique situation? Speak to me?
  • If our vision for our ministry is easy to us, it is insulting to God.
  • They had to dig ditches. If you want the land filled with water, dig some ditches.
  • Faith believes it before it sees it.
  • True faith has a little ambiguity to it. No leader is 100% sure they heard from God. They know enough to take the next step.
  • We need to keep diggin’ ditches.
  • We need to stop comparing our behind the scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.
  • If you will dig the ditches, God will send the rain. Do what you need to do, and God will do what he needs to do.
  • You don’t know what God is doing behind the scenes.
  • Make this valley full of ditches. Expect God to do great things. You may look stupid, just like Noah, until the rain came.
  • Dig ditches.

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