My notes from the first Session 3 speaker, Rev. Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil. I apologize for any typos. I’m trying to get the post up quickly. I’ll edit a bit more later.

Here are my notes from the previous speakers: Bill Hybels, Len Schlesinger and Cory Booker.

Courageous Leadership for Catalytic Times by Rev. Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil

  • “Where have you been? Why didn’t you come sooner? Didn’t you hear about the conflict and travails? Why didn’t you care enough to come?” I didn’t know. I literally did not know. I didn’t know enough of what was going on around the world. I realized how uninformed I was. It was a catalytic event for me. It expanded my worldview. It’s when I started to be a Global Christian.
  • These events are never nice and easy. You are holding on for dear life sometimes in those catalytic moments.
  • Chuck Yeager moved forward, when his plane was shaking, and moved forward and broke the sound barrier.
  • Think of the changes that have happened in Tunisia and Egypt that seemed impossible before because of social media.
  • Today’s youth are global by default because of the Internet, because of social media.
  • Ask someone next time you are on the phone with customer support where they are living.
  • How do you respond as a leader to the changes going on around you? Are you paralyzed or are you pushing forward?
  • Acts 1:8, our mission is clearly stated. We need to take the Kingdom across cultural and geographical lines. We need to lead the church into a global future. Be the kind of leaders who lead the church forward beyond the sound barrier.
  • We must be in in Jerusalem. It represents our home turf. Our place of most comfort and connected. Culturally and ethnically like us. We have to face some stuff in our own Jerusalem, though. We take on the risk of talking to people in our own family, our own church, our own organization. Take on the jokes being said. The policies that are being practiced. Addressing the bigotry that is apparent even in our own Jerusalem. Even if it isn’t in your job title, take a risk to stand for the policies that model Christ.
  • We must be in Judea. It’s home but not home. You frequent it. Some differences that produce subcultures. The culture is somewhat familiar, but there are challenges. Differences between political parties. They look a like, but see what happens when you say the wrong name. It’s denominational. People assume things when they hear denominational designations. From the same place but we don’t understand each other. Ministry in Judea is not simple. Requires catalytic change and prophetic leadership. The church being the church.
  • We must be in Samaria. Nearby us, but we avoid it like the plague. People who are hostile with us. Totally foreign to us. The neighborhoods we drive by and we lock our doors. Samaria is the place of sex trafficking, of child soldiers, of corporate greed…somebody profits of this stuff. We must be a witness in Samaria. It’s not easy going to Samaria. Great leaders get stuck at the barrier between Judea and Samaria. It takes a Chuck Yeager to get us through that barrier.
  • It might begin in Jerusalem and go through Judea but it must end up in Samaria. It must happen there. Stuff not talked about in Jerusalem you cannot escape in Samaria. Sometimes you have to use unorthodox tactics in Samaria.
  • How do we lead the church to a global future? Without catalysts, we stay in our own comfort zones. (Acts 2)
  • I wish somebody’s soul would catch on fire with the power of the Holy Ghost. Acts 2:17-18
  • Are you ready? Are you ready to breakthrough your sound barrier? If so…pray for a divine mandate. What does God want you to do? Pray, “God, break our hearts for what breaks your heart.” Then, name your catalytic events. Stop and ask how God is moving. We need people who see these catastrophic events as catalytic events where God can break in. Where others see death we see life. The Father is always working. Look for those catalytic events that you can use for success. Then mobilize people to go.
  • I’m not looking for people to just help, but to learn. Learn the language of the people. Learn to speak with authenticity. A PhD doesn’t mean anything if it isn’t relevant.

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