It’s summer, it’s hot. A sign of the recent times when ninety degrees is considered “getting cooler”. I hate the summer and look forward to the fall. Summer, to me, is like the darkest part of the night before the dawn (fall).

The NFL ends its lockout and all I really care about it is knowing there’ll be fantasy football.
With the new role at work, I’ve been busy. It’s been nice to not have to deal with IT anymore. Still, I get asked about IT and I gladly direct people to the people that handle it now. Even received a phone call from a former staff with an IT question they had at their workplace. Never ending.
Funny how I consider classic rock anything before my radio listening days from my youth, but I do not consider the music I blast from my iPhone, that is over 25 years old, classic rock.
In the aftermath of Amy Winehouse’s death, there has been talk about the 27 Club. Something that will help you avoid the 27 Club? Don’t abuse alcohol or drugs.
I know there’ll be a trailer for the upcoming The Hobbit films, but the video production diaries Peter Jackson releases amp up the anticipation for those film even more so.
Still figuring out Google+.
Boston Red Sox are 60-27 since a 2-10 start.
There is no way I can know the whole situation, but from afar I hope Bubba Starling signs with the Kansas City Royals instead of playing football for the Huskers.
Captain America: The First Avenger was a great film. It’s another film I’ve enjoyed more than Super 8. Super 8 was good, and it’s the cool film to like, but I enjoyed Captain America more. Other films I enjoyed this summer more than Super 8? X-Men: First Class, and of course Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.
Jana and the boys are in Ohio with her family. I miss them. I missed them when I got back home after dropping them off with Jana’s family. What do I do in the meantime when I’m not working? Watch stuff on Netflix, read or listen to books, and organize my stuff in the cellar.
Good to be back at Amsterdam after a month layoff. The busyness of the new role at work has affected that. Lots of lunch meetings with people, and just working through lunch in general. Need to get back here more.

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