Here’s the next batch of It’s All About Jesus introduction videos I’ve narrated.

The first video here is the first one we shot with this project. We, Jordan Green, Vivian Kvam, Jordan Johnson and I, filmed it out at Metro Community College’s Elkhorn Campus. We were able to set up in one of the science labs, and had plenty of time to get good footage.

Here are some photos from the shoot.

Video shoot. Concept is @ThisAmerLife inspired. Talking about brain surgery.
Photo taken by Jordan Johnson during one of the takes.

Jordan getting everything framed right for the shot.

Here’s the second video. We had shot this last week, but the footage did not transfer. Ended up having to reshoot it. This allowed us to go to a different location which we thought would work better, St. Cecilia’s Cathedral on 40th St.

While it was nice, it was tough trying to get a clean take because of the traffic. 40th St is fairly active. There were a number of takes where we were close to finishing, and then a car drives through near the end. The video that’s used mashes up a few of those takes. It’s also why I make a bit of a funny face at the end. On that take it was going well, but near the end a car drives through. Just rolled my eyes a bit because it kept happening, and that take ends up being the best of ones with the ending. Great.

Another issue we had to battle was the wind. It was hard for Noah, who was helping Jordan out, hold the reflector still so the light would be consistent on me. Considering everything with this reshoot, it worked out well. It’s not ideal to us, but sometimes you just have to crank out the project and move on. This was one of those times.

Oh yeah, see if you spot the bugs that were flying around my face during the shoot.

Jordan and Noah setting up the shot.
Jordan powdering my forehead so it doesn’t shine.

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