Three years ago, I joined Twitter not really knowing what it was or what I was doing with it. Today, I’m still learning the best way to utilize this technology, but I thoroughly enjoy it.

Here are some stats on my personal Twitter use:

  • 12,356 tweets
  • average of 11.3 tweets per day and 328 per month
  • May 2011 was my highest month with 624 tweets
  • Wednesday (1,938) , Thursday (1,902), and Friday (1,866) are my top days to tweet
  • Sunday is my least likely day to tweet (1,255)
  • 10 AM I send the most tweets (958)
  • 9 AM and 9 PM I have sent exactly 935 tweets
  • @’s (replies to) are over 40% of my tweets
  • I often converse with @slobotski, @danholke, @rainbowrowell, @micahyost and @shartley
  • I often retweet tweets from @siliconprairie, @slashfilm, @cccomaha, @jposnanski and @time

What’s beyond the numbers? Friendships. A deeper connection with the Omaha community. Interacting with people about everything from Lost to Husker games. Being more aware of the world around me.

I’m amazed by how Twitter has helped me develop and deepen friendships with people. I talk to people, in person, about my friends on Twitter. These are people I talk to all the time on Twitter, and in some cases have never met in person.* They support and encourage me in good times and bad.

*One reason why I know an Online Campus can work.

Earlier in the year, I tried to get the number of accounts I followed on Twitter under 300. This was an expansion on my experiment with Facebook and Dunbar’s Number. I got to 293, on March 24, but realized I wanted to know more of the people and culture around me and around the world. I want to interact with them and the world around us. I’m now up to following 475 accounts. I’m grateful for the people I know now because of Twitter.

It’s hard to imagine going through the work day, watching a Husker game or experiencing some news event without using Twitter now. Who would’ve guessed that five years ago?

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