I’ve been to two College World Series games at TD Ameritrade Park. A better stadium, and experience, than Rosenblatt to watch the games. In my opinion, it’s not even close.

I came across this article awhile back and it grabbed my attention. It was about these individuals who were arrested for trying to feed the homeless. They are part of a group called Food Not Bombs. I’m sure there is more to the story, but on the surface it seems crazy they’d be arrested for trying to help and serve a segment of our society that is often forgotten.

Another Presidential election cycle is upon us since Republicans had a recent debate amongst Presidential hopefuls. I wonder why some of the candidates run when they have no chance of winning, let alone getting their party’s nomination. Is it to raise awareness for a particular cause? Is it hubris? Is it to leverage the free press for some other project they are wanting to promote?

And then, I think about all the millions of dollars that will be raised for candidates that I think could be put to better use elsewhere. I don’t begrudge someone being able to support a candidate. It’s a right people have. That’s great. I do think about all the injustices and needs that surround us, and how much of a difference we could make by throwing a percentage of dollars we use to support political candidates toward those causes that solve injustices and needs. You’d like to think the candidates we elect would help with those matters of injustice and need. You’d like to think that…

I may have mentioned this here before, so sorry for repeating if I have. One thing I’ve told myself is that for every dollar I give to support a political candidate, I will give two dollars to a non-profit organization that’s directly involved in helping people. Obviously, not a political organization. It’s a challenge I’ve made to myself. I haven’t even supported a candidate financially in a number of election cycles, but it’s an idea I’m committed to.

Part of this is spurred on by seeing so many people in the church talk about following Jesus and his teachings, but their lives showing they follow talk radio personalities and political candidates. For those of us that proclaim to be Christian, Jesus needs to be influencing our lives more than Glenn Beck or Keith Olbermann.

It doesn’t matter what some people do, they will be criticized or praised, by their supporters or detractors, regardless for their action. There is no objectivity. LeBron James is in this category. Sarah Palin in this category. With the recent release of Palin’s emails, while she was governor, it was said that she wrote at an eighth grade level in her emails. I read some people on Twitter that mocked the headline, because it fits the derogatory narrative of Palin. However, I then read about experts and analysts in the field of writing analysis say her level of writing/communication was better than CEO’s and executives.

Keeping it with politics, surprisingly, I’m glad to see some pro-life candidates being pressed on other issues that relate to life. I’m glad to see they are being asked to to dig deep on an issue, and explain their position, instead of just regurgitating talking points that don’t amount to any real action. It does seem like some candidates are pro-life until the baby is born, then it’s, “You’re on your own.”

As I get older, I try to steer clear of politics with this blog, but I’m also intrigued by the human nature of some of these politicians that will seemingly say and do anything for a vote. What do they stand for when they seemingly will do anything to get a vote? Why would I want to vote for a candidate like that?

Okay, enough of this.

I liked Super 8, but I enjoyed X-Men: First Class more. This surprised some people because Super 8 is the cool movie to like. It’s a nice film. Some people think I hated it when I say I liked X-Men more. Not true. Super 8 was a nostalgia trip, and reminded of films I liked as a child. X-Men: First Class was great storytelling and had me in the moment, not thinking about films I really liked from my childhood.

I’m a fan of Bill Simmons’ new Grantland project.

I will be writing a follow-up post to my addiction story I posted last Thursday. Quickly, I do want to say thank you for all the positive comments and encouraging words. It’s been great to read and hear them.

Finishing this up at Blue Line Coffee today. Thanks for reading!

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