Yesterday was my 35th birthday, and of course today is Father’s Day. Last night, I was able to enjoy a bit of both worlds by going to the College World Series with Liam. It was Liam’s first time to a stadium to watch a game live. We had a great time. He watched for a few innings, and then was distracted by other things. Like my iPhone and food. He ate cotton candy, a corn dog, drank some lemonade, chased it with a waffle cone and some french fries, and then had an orange mango smoothie.

I wasn’t sure what he’d remember, but when we got home he did tell Jana that one of the pitchers was really good.*

*That would be Florida’s pitcher, Hudson Randall.

Yes, he thinks going to the baseball game is awesome. Can’t wait to bring Duncan and Gideon.

Pic taken by Brad Newton. I put the Instagram filter on it.

Liam taking everything in, which was a bit overwhelming at first.
Enjoying the cotton candy. He wanted to save some to bring home to Duncan.

Thanks to Gary Newton who provided the tickets. A son (Brad) and daughter (Emily) of Gary’s came along, and Liam had fun with them as well. They made sure he didn’t cheer for Texas, and showed him how to clap for Florida with the “gator chomp”. When we were leaving, Liam wanted to walk with his new friend Brad instead of me. That made me smile.

A great evening.

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