Screenshot of the CCC app in development.

One of the projects that has been in the works is a smartphone app for Christ Community Church. It’s something a few of us have been pushing for awhile. Greg Nunamaker and I did some mockups for one last year, but were pulled away from the project by other projects that came up.

At the beginning of this year, developing an app was one of our priorities for the year. In our spare moments, Greg and I would talk about it, run some ideas past Nick Kelly, and continue to plan what would be best for us. Since I’ve used apps for awhile, I had a lot of ideas about what would be cool with a CCC app. Of course, I always had to temper those ideas with reality. While we want the app to be fun, we want it to be effective and functional at its core. We don’t want to have an app for the sake of having an app.

One person who was helpful in the early stages was Andy Peters of Ninth Division (9D). He’s a Mac app developer, having designed the Big Omaha and Official Kansas City Chiefs apps, and he met with Greg and I a few months ago. Andy and I continued to chat on Twitter about the concept as well. He was really insightful and helped us clarify what we needed with the app. While he’s a level beyond our app needs right now, he was a tremendous help. I hope we can work with 9D on a project in the future.

Recently, we started working with Subsplash. They are behind The Church App, which provides templates for churches to design their own app. With their services we’re currently developing apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. While we still have all sorts of crazy ideas*, it’s good to start someplace that addresses a lot of needs people would have if they downloaded and used our app.

*Who wouldn’t want some sort of game that is a hybrid of Angry Birds and Lead Pastor Mark’s big word of the week?

One of our interns, Mandy, is doing a lot of the work of uploading content so the app will have a decent library of media when it is available. We’re also reconfiguring some aspects of our online presence to make it work effectively with the app. One example of this is we will be combining a number of pastor blogs into one general CCC blog. This blog will be accessible on the app.

We’re really excited about this project and think people who call CCC their home church will like the app as well.The app should be available to the public in the coming weeks. I’ll announce it here, and on Twitter, when it is available.

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