Over four and a half years ago, I became the interim IT staff person at Christ Community Church. This was on top of my other Art Director responsibilities. Why did I get the job? Because I knew the most about computers out of anyone else on staff. I was just filling in temporarily, until someone was hired to do the job full-time.

Well, someone was finally hired for the role of IT Director, Michael Born. He is light years beyond my IT capabilities. I’ve stopped my IT responsibilities as I transition into a new role at the church. Mike is going to do a great job in his new role.

Am I going to miss anything about working on IT? Not really. The only thing I’ll miss is working with Gary Newton. Gary is our main contact at Network Solutions Group (NSG), our contracted tech support for our network. Since I’ve been filling the IT role I’ve come to know a number of NSG techs, but Gary has been there throughout my time.

It can be a thankless job to maintain a network and position it for the future. Gary always managed to do both of those jobs while on a limited budget.* CCC is always in a good position, when it comes to tech developments, because of Gary.

*During the worst of the economic downturn, there were a few things that went wrong with our network. We weren’t able to make some of the necessary purchases at the time, because giving was down. Yet, Gary was able to make it work out. Every single time.

I always knew I could call on Gary to help us with a problem at any time of the day. He was always gracious to take the call. Since he attended CCC, there were times I found him on a Sunday morning to get his help. As always, he gave of his time.

I can think of a number of memorable projects and calls that Gary and I worked on together these past few years, but the thing I’ll remember about Gary is his friendship. He’s always making sure that I, and my family, are doing well. He’s always pleasant with Jana or my boys. He goes the extra mile for me. I’ve had the fortune to get to know his family better, and to hear about his kids as they grow up. We talk to one another, share in each other’s joys and sorrows, and pray for one another.

A loving and committed husband, doting dad, faithful friend, effective and tireless worker…he’s all that without ever yearning for accolades or attention.

I guess as one of my last acts with IT, I wanted to acknowledge and thank Gary. I couldn’t have done my job without him, and I’m glad that was the case. Because of that, I was able to get to know him.

(Thank you, Gary!)

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