I’ve posted a few times about my personal Bible study routine, and thought I’d share again. For awhile, I’ve been spending my available mornings studying a chapter of the Bible (English Standard Version). I’d read the chapter, and then write my own thoughts about specific verses and passages. I’d then write some overall thoughts as well, along with a personal prayer that was inspired from the chapter.

When I started out, I was handwriting everything. It seemed a little bit ridiculous, but it’s what I had known.* It took more time to go through a chapter because I’d write out a passage and then write down my own thoughts about it.
*In my cellar, I have stacks of handwritten journals that someday will be digitally transcribed…I hope.
Here’s a pic of what it looked like.
After a hiatus last summer, I picked back up with my morning Scooter’s routine. This time, though, I was creating documents on my laptop instead of writing stuff out. It went quicker, but also it allowed me to have a digital file of my own commentaries with the chapters I was studying. I’ve also started to go back and transcribe my earlier handwritten commentaries. I know they’ll come in handy in the future.
Earlier in the year, I finished up the fifth of the five books of the law: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. It was rewarding when I finished up Deuteronomy. I’m nowhere near done with going through the Bible like this, but it was a nice mile marker.
What have I learned? A lot, but I also realize there is so much more to learn. One thing I enjoyed was the rich content amongst the much-maligned books of Leviticus and Numbers. You have to dig into them for it, but it is well worth it. Both of those books are favorites of mine now.
I’m continuing on with this style of study, but I’m out of order a bit. Currently, I’m finishing up Proverbs, and then I’ll tackle 1 & 2 Timothy.

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