One of the few, lasting influences of my high school education from Brownell-Talbot? Driving through Dundee, this time of year, and thinking, “You know it’s baccalaureate when the cotton is rolling in.”*

*Thank you, Megan.

Watching Greg Mortenson, or whoever runs his twitter account, do spin control is sad. They seem to be attacking the messengers who critique them and not addressing the fundamental questions and concerns that were raised about Greg and CAI.

I’ve never listened to an entire Lady Gaga song, but because I know a lot about her because she dominates media. Well, Amazon was doing a special where you can download her latest album, Born This Way, for $0.99. I decided to buy the album. I will listen to the album, and then blog about it. Expect that soon.

Being a homeowner now, one thing I realize is how much of my parent’s money I must have wasted when I was kid. Money wasted on water, electricity, heat, air conditioning. Yikes. (Sorry about that, mom and dad!)

The Boston Red Sox continue to be on a roll after a slow start. They are now 25-12 after a 2-10 start. Adrian Gonzalez has been on an absolute tear of late.

Tim Keller’s Generous Justice is amazing. I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. I just finished it, and I want to reread it. Before, I could only read it in snippets because there was so much I was processing from it. There was a lot I was thinking about as it related to my life. I didn’t want to gloss over the words just to say I read it. I wanted to take in every point made in the book.

Hearing and seeing the damage done to Joplin, MO, in the aftermath of the tornado, is hard to comprehend. I’ve driven through and around Joplin numerous times when I was living in Arkansas. Continuing to pray for the people and families of that community.

Thanks to Amsterdam for the food and fellowship. Today’s conversations covered Harold Camping, parenting, local restaurants and home ownership. They gave me one of their new shirts today. Very cool of them. If you haven’t yet, be sure and go by and try some curry fries and mayo.

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