Beautiful day here in Dundee. I wish the temperature would never get higher than 70 degrees.

Big Omaha has come and gone, and I’m still trying to write and process everything I heard and experienced. One of the best things I experienced was the conversations with people in the area. When I first went to Big Omaha, two years ago, I didn’t know anyone there. Now, I was talking with a number of people that I’ve met through the Silicon Prairie community the past two years. That was fun and rewarding.
After the Red Sox poor start, I was telling myself to wait till the end of May before starting to worry. Since they started the season 2-10, they’ve been 19-10. Over the weekend they swept the Yankees and got back to .500. It’s looking good for them.
The Cars 2 toys were just released in stores. I surprised Liam and Duncan with two cars from the upcoming film. They were excited, but I was just as excited to get them. It was a flashback to when I was a kid and there were new G.I. Joe toys available at the toy store.
I like how people are pressing, and refining, politicians who carry the pro-life label. Being for life should be more than just the life of the baby in the womb. It should translate to after the baby is born as well.
I laughed at a recent article talking about movies people pretend to have seen. There are a number of films I have not seen, and yet I feel like I have because they are quoted ad nauseam. I also think of books that people pretend to have read. I have had this thought for a long time, and I think Christians pretend to have read C.S. Lewis more than any other author.
I think the decision of UNO to drop football and wrestling was the right one, but since then the handling of the situation hasn’t been great by UNO’s administration. They are letting others define the argument, to the detriment of UNO. One of the indelible marks of Tom Osborne was the press conference after he fired Bill Callahan. He provided the context behind the firing, giving his own history with potentially being fired, and then systematically went through the reasons why Callahan was fired. It was straight forward. Osborne’s honest and direct approach helped bring the athletic department back together. Now, some could say it was an easy thing for Osborne to do. Perhaps. Still, the way he handled that press conference was class and should be an exhibit to others. Tom Shatel said it best in his recent column, which I linked to earlier in this paragraph.
Nearly a year later, I’m ready to post my follow-up thoughts on the Lost series finale. That will be coming soon.
Thanks again to Amsterdam for the food and conversation.

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