Over the weekend, I realized two mistakes I made that I needed to own up to. The first one was obvious, but the second one could be making too big a deal out of something.

On Saturday, I was watching Liam and Duncan, and we were downstairs in the basement playing. Liam was standing on the edge of the couch, and I told him he needed to get down. He told me that down in the basement it was okay for him to stand on the edge of the couch. I didn’t believe him.

Standing on the couch is not something we’ve allowed. Jana and I have both told Liam and Duncan to not stand on the couch, especially the back or armrests. That has been in the living room, though. I also know that a few times Liam has tried to misinform me on what Jana does and doesn’t allow. I’m thinking this is one of those times.

Liam and I have a conversation about what he is allowed to do on the couch. He tells me again that Jana allows it, and I think he is lying to me. I’m telling him that it would better for him to just tell the truth and not lie. He sticks with his story. I ask if I should call mom to ask her what the rule is. Liam pauses a bit. His pause has me thinking I’ve caught him. I ask him again if he’s lying. “Well, maybe I’m not suppose to stand on the couch down here.”

Jana comes home and the first thing I ask her is whether or not the boys are allowed to stand on the couch in the basement. I’m thinking it’s not allowed, but I want to make sure so I can follow up with Liam. Jana tells me it’s allowed in the basement. Great. I feel horrible. I was putting pressure on Liam to admit to something I thought he did. However, he’d been telling the truth all along. The reason he started to change his story was because of me.

I go to him and ask if I can talk to him. He comes right up to me, and I apologize to him. I tell him he was right and I was wrong. I ask him to forgive me. He responds, “Daddy, I’ll always forgive you.”

Today, I’m getting caught up on some reading. The past few days I’ve been consumed with Big Omaha, so I haven’t been reading the posts in my Google Reader. I open it up, and I have almost 800 unread posts. I am skimming through them all.

I see that I have some unread posts from Whitney Matheson’s Pop Candy blog.* I scan the posts to see if something I submitted will appear in a regular post she has about cell phone photography, and I see her latest “Phonography” post.

*I’ve been a fan of her pop culture blog for awhile. She’s one of the first individuals I followed on Twitter back in the summer of 2008.

I open up the post to read, and sure enough there’s one of the two pics I emailed Whitney. It’s of Duncan when I took the family to Krypton Comics for Free Comic Book Day. It’s a picture Jana took.

These aren't the droids you're looking for. #fcbd @KryptonComicsNE

It’s a great photo, and I’m happy it’s out there on Pop Candy. I get ready to share the post on Facebook when I realize something. The photo wasn’t taken with a cell phone. I can’t believe I did this, and then I remember how it happened.

I took a number of photos that day with my iPhone. One was of Liam where he had a Thor/Star Wars mashup going.

Liam showing off his mashup of #Thor and #StarWars on Free Comic Book Day. #fcbd @KryptonComicsNE

Jana had taken our digital camera and snapped a few shots as well. She showed me the pic of Duncan shooting the Stealth Trooper, and I loved it. Two days later, I transferred it to my iPhone so I could share it through my Instagram app. When I did, the finished product was the photo posted above.

Later that week, I was reading Whitney’s blog when I read the latest Phonography post. I thought I should submit the pic of Liam with his Thor/Star Wars mashup. I write up an email to send to Whitney and pull the photo of Liam. As I’m scrolling through my photos, I come across the photo of Duncan I shared through Instagram. I don’t even pause to think the photo was taken on another camera, since it’s on my camera and I’m the one that put a filter on it and shared it through Instagram.

What to do? In one sense, it doesn’t really matter. Who is going to care about some random cell phone picture post? And yet, I do care. I know. Is it a little thing? Yes, but it still irritates me. It reminds me of this movie clip.

I’ll know, and that will sit with me. I don’t want to get accustomed to justifying mistakes. Even if they are unintentional. It’s easy to start justifying with little things, but that can lead to bigger things.

So after I post this, I’m sending Whitney an email explaining my mistake. Is it necessary? For me it is.

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