Big Omaha Simulcast Area
Watching Big Omaha from the simulcast area, and in comfy seats.

The previous two years, I think I have written a post of some sort for all the speakers at Big Omaha, as well as additional posts on themes and storylines from Big Omaha. This year, I won’t be doing a post of every speaker. It varies from speaker to speaker as to why. For instance, I can’t sit for extended times. It’s something I have started to notice at work. I have to get up and move around or else I get stiff and sore. After sitting most of Thursday, and Friday morning, I was standing or walking around during Travis Kalanick and Bo Fishback’s presentations late Friday afternoon. While I tweeted a few things, and remember some of their key points, I didn’t take notes like I did with other speakers.

So, the Big Omaha 2011 speaker posts I have are from Ben Huh, Leila Janah, Dan Martell, Shervin Pishevar, Sarah Lacy, Gary Vaynerchuk, Neil Blumenthal, Micah Baldwin and Marc Ecko.

I’ll be posting more about Big Omaha in the coming days, along with some pictures.

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